A Memory of Light

A Memory of LightA Memory of Light

Wheel of Time #14

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt like I was deluged by a tidal wave.

Then came the ending. It kind of made me feel “vanilla”.

Sanderson did an excellent job of wrapping this up. I was in awe.

I look forward to re-reading the whole series in 5-8 years.


I realized this morning that my words were on the light side. Considering that I’ve been reading WoT since ’95 or ’96, and have experienced the travail of my soul [When I heard that Jordan had died, I practically swore vengeance upon his barely cold corpse “how could he do this to me!?”] and then was raised to the clouds when I heard Sanderson [probably my favorite fantasy author now] was going to complete the series.

I have run the whole gamut of emotions with this series. Excitement, boredom [tugging of hair anyone?], rage and despair, hope and finally, satisfaction.

How does one encapsulate 17’ish years in a couple of paragraphs? I’ve gone from a highschool teenager to a married 30something security guard. So I don’t write a review worthy of the NY Times, I write this little ditty to remind me that all things can be gotten through, that they end and that they can be good and bad.

This series will be something that sticks with me for the rest of my life. Nice to have something like that.

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering StormThe Gathering Storm

Wheel of Time #12

Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I am glad Sanderson took over.

I found this to be entertaining, explaining and moving the overall story forward. And the dreaded ‘male, female fighting/bashing’ really wasn’t there.

Knife of Dreams

8977503Knife of Dreams
Wheel of Time #11
by Robert Jordan
Ebook, 704 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I really enjoyed this, but it didn’t get 5 stars because there just so much info not wrapping up that I couldn’t truly immerse myself completely in the book.

Once I was done, I realized, this was the last book Jordan wrote by himself. And I tell you, if I had read up to this book then heard that Jordan had died, I would have been REALLY angry.

I am so glad I still have several books ahead of me.

Crossroads of Twilight

8613108Crossroads of Twilight
The Wheel of Time #10
Robert Jordan
Ebook, 672 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars



I have to admit, I am enjoying seeing Perrin pushed to the edge, and a little beyond. He really needs to “grow” but the only way is to force him along certain paths.

I find Matt’s acceptance of his fate, in regards to the daughter of the nine moons, very unlike him. He always seems to have fought being forced to do anything, and now he is just going along with it?

Winter’s Heart

8479487Winter’s Heart
The Wheel of Time #9
by Robert Jordan
Ebook, 560 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Read June 2001
Re-read November 2011.

What a difference 10 years makes. First off, I’ve got the final book in my hands in the next couple of months. Second, I’m reading a WoT book a month instead of a year[or 2 or 3] and I think that is just about the right amount of time.

Most of this was completely new to me because I think I stopped the first time when I realized the series wasn’t at its end. I enjoyed this. Same compliments, same complaints as the previous books.
And the cleansing of Saidin was pretty cool. It did make me wonder just how strong/weak the Forsaken actually are. And if they couldn’t deal with Rand and Co, why did the original Aes Sedai have such trouble?

The Path of Daggers

The Path of Daggers
Wheel of Time #8
by Robert Jordan
Ebook, 704 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My initial remembrance of Path of Daggers is nothing happens and everyone is a bitch.

My reread confirms that, but with some very serious upgrades in like-ability. This was a setup book. Not a good book to read when first released, but when you’ve got the books after, you don’t feel the pressure.

So many different storylines, lots of things happen but without resolving anything while introducing more questions. I had to make myself not immediately read the next book and wait until November.

A Crown of Swords

A Crown of Swords
Wheel of Time #7
by Robert Jordan
Ebook, 896 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is a very hard book to review, for me.

On one hand, I loved the introduction of yet another baddy-Moridin, of Lain and Nynaeve finally getting hitched, of Rand taking down another Forsaken, new One Power tools, more info about the True Power[even if extremely measily], and the gholam.

On the other hand, I didn’t like the constant bickering between Men and Women. I didn’t like the cliffhanger about Matt[even though I can read the next book next month], I didn’t like that there was very little about Egwene[as I remember. There may have been and it got washed away in the deluge of other info? Feel free to correct me].

Overall, a fantastic read. It just seems that the characters are very immature for the amount of hardship they have gone through/endured. I know they are young, late teens, early 20’s, but hard experiences tend to either make one grow up or kill you.


Wheel of Time #6
Robert Jordan
Epub-1223 pages
3 Stars

I can feel the gears beginning to grind to a halt. Lots of “big ticket” things seem to be introduced, but go no where. Examples: the “super” Myrdrral-he appears to be more powerful than the Forsaken, but we really find out nothing about him. The Bowl of the Wind-appears to be the answer to all the weather problems, but it takes the WHOLE book for them to even start looking for it. Not nearly as enjoyable as the previous books.

The Fires of Heaven

Wheel of Time #5
Robert Jordan
Epub-877 pages
4 Stars

Intensity ratchets up and we get the famous “Who Killed Asmodean?” scene. A wicked cool battle between Rand and Rhavin, involving bale fire and portals. Matt starts using/acknowledging his martial memories. Moiraine and Lanfear disappear through a Sangreal/Terangreal and seem to die. Rand is starting to fight the madness, which seems to be a mixing of wills with Lews Therin, the former Dragon.

The badstuff-every female seems to be so angry. I mean counseling angry. Jordan really let the ball drop in the characterization department with this. It is a real turn off.

Alternate Blog Review?

Loved all the stuff that happens.

Asmodean, Moraine, Lanfear all dying

I mean, that introduces a lot of chaos and opens up the main characters to greater ranges of choice. And Rand dealing with the beginnings of the madness.

The battle between Rand and Rahvin[however you spell his name], was awesome! Balefire and portals, not much cooler than that.

The bad thing was that every single female character seemed to be angry, so angry that I would recommend counseling if they were a real person. Jordan really dropped the ball in characterization here. It really detracts from the plot and pulls you out of the flow of the story. Which is never good.