Curse of the Mistwraith

Curse of the Mistwraith

Wars of Light and Shadow #1

Janny Wurts


1 Star


2 halfbrothers are transported to another world where it turns out they are of ancient royal blood and destined to destroy that worlds enemy, the mistwraith. However, the 2 brothers are at odds with one another because they were of separate kingdoms back on their own world. Basically, one brother is all whiny and missing the comforts of home while the other is just a jerk who does what he wants just to spite anyone who tells him anything to do. Immature spoilt brats. Maybe they gain depth and character later on, but not by halfway through this book. And since there are 7 or 8 books in the series, I’m not waiting that long.

Between the whining, the childish attitudes [I’ll do what I want so don’t tell me what to do, or if you do, I’ll do just the opposite:], the womanish emoting of the two princes’s, it was too much to handle.

The 2 main characters should have been women, not men. Men would have grabbed the situation by the throat, not acted like these two…