Nevermore (Supernatural #1)

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Title: Nevermore

Series: Supernatural #1

Author: Keith DeCandido

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 318



Dean and Sam, the [in]famous Winchester brothers, are doing a favor for Ash, the computer genius who hunts demons online. Ash’s friend is being haunted by a ghost and it is escalating.

Along the way, the boys come across a series of murders that seem to tie in to a resurrection ceremony based on the stories and poems of Poe.


My Thoughts:

This story takes place during Season 2, I believe, which needs to be taken into account since that is all the author has to deal with when it comes to characterization.

This would have been a typical 2 part tv episode. 2 storylines that aren’t related except by location.  This story was nothing special, the Poe aspect felt very tacked on. It felt like it was added for the “Urban Fantasy” side of things, like a ghost haunting a washed up bar rockstar wasn’t enough? But at the time, the tv show was focusing on urban legends, etc, so it makes sense.

If this had been my introduction to Supernatural, I wouldn’t be bothering with any more. But like most novelizations of movies and shows, the books never live up to the show. So if you like Supernatural then I do recommend this. I did like it enough to put the next book on my TBR list.

Ergo Proxy- A Review

This is a review of the anime series, Ergo Proxy.

There will be plenty of spoilers, mainly because I know that none of you are hardcore enough to get past episode 8.

The story centers around Re-L [pronounced Ree-el], Vincent Law [a human, a Proxy and some sort of Shadow of the Creator] and Pino [a cute little girl who is actually an AutoReiv, a robot].

The world is desolate and the last remnants of humanity live in dome cities. Turns out that each Dome city was created by a Proxy, who in turn were created by humans when they realized the scope of the destruction about to overtake the earth. The domes are pretty much little hothouses of humanity waiting for the earth to be livable again.

The problem is, the Proxies, while pretty nigh all powerful, were created with the need for love and acceptance by the humans they were to shepherd. You guessed it, humans don’t do that very well 🙂 So one proxy, Ergo proxy, created a doppleganger of himself, erased its memories and sent it out on a complicated mission to destroy Romdo Dome, all as his revenge since nobody loved him.

So Re-L, Vincent and Pino fly around the land, which is getting to the point where humans can live on it again, recovering Vincent’s memories. Come back to Romdo, defy the original Ergo’s plans and pretty much sum up the whole thing as “I think, I feel, I love, therefore I have purpose”. Ends with Vincent/Ergo saying he is the Agent of Death to anyone who threatens the citizens of Romdo [as some sort of flying fighters come over the horizon] an Re-L and Pino standing strong beside him.

Blah, blah, blah. One review I read called this show pretentious. I agree. The creators of the show made a mystery of EVERYTHING! There were way to many episodes relying on dreams, psychological/mind games and general whining to make this a cult favorite.

Vincent. The VA who played him [I watched this dubbed] sounded constantly tired and whiny. How many times can a character complain about “why me” or wonder who they really are? [especially AFTER they already know that they are a Proxy and not a human]. I wanted to throttle him for almost the entire series. He was pretty good for the last 4 or 5 episodes though.

Re-L. She looked like a Goth hooker. Blue eye shadow. So in one episode they are stranded and almost dying of no food, but does she ever go without the HUGE amount of blue? Nope! As a character, she was pretty capable, maybe one of the most capable characters in the series. Had a nice pistol shotgun and knew how to use it. Her VA though was a very flat sounding woman. She had one tone and that was it. I really want to watch this again, but subbed, to see how the japanese sounds.

Pino. She made it all worth it. An auto-reiv who has been infected by the Cogito virus, which gives the auto-reivs self awareness and feelings. She is funny and cute and her clear non-understanding of things like sadness, death and other such subjects really lighten things up.

Overall, the show tried to be to mysterious by keeping information until the very last. As far as I was concerned, this ruined the show. Many shows you CAN make that work. It didn’t here though. I plan on watching this again, but couldn’t recommend it to anyone but a hardcore fan who has the patience to sit through it and just accept without wondering why or how. You go down that path and this show will drive you completely nutters. The how and why’s are for a second or third viewing.