The Muppet Show Season Two (TV 1977)

I really enjoyed this season two of the Muppet Show. Part of that was that they had a bunch of actors/entertainers who I actually had heard of (unlike season one where it was mostly C-list nobodies) and the variety was much greater in terms of skits and backstage goings ons. I’m guessing the budget was increased?

Things got started with Don Knotts, who I grew up with watching his disney movies and a few others. The Apple Dumpling Gang, the Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, the Shakiest Gun in the West, etc.

And the guests got bigger from there in many cases. Bob Hope, Julie Andrews, John Cleese, Elton John. I don’t know if they were more talented or just because I knew them, but I liked most of the guests and their acts better than in season one. It felt like there was more interaction between the Muppets and the guests instead of the guests just doing their act with the Muppets involved.

I really enjoyed that there was a LOT more backstage stuff going on. One show was all about the Pigs taking over the show and the guest star helping Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo escape and take back the show. Ideas like that are right up my alley and I loved it. The terrible jokes are still front and center but don’t have quite as much attention paid to them as in season one. I was ok with that!

I mentioned the greater variety of skits and I think my favorite of them all is the Pigs in Space. The Swinetrek is a hilarious ship. John Cleese participates in one of the skits and he’s a pirate, with a muppet parrot, eye patch and sword. On a spaceship. He was trying to take over the ship but everything went wrong for him. I’m not a fan of Cleese and even I found the skit hilarious 😀

I am really looking forward to season three now.

The Muppet Show Season One (TV 1976)

I went into this never having seen full episodes before, just the various movies and then bits and pieces throughout my childhood.

I would sum up this season as psychedelic singing between rounds of horrible wordplays and bad jokes made on purpose. And I loved every minute of it.

I liked that the characters were “themselves” instead of trying to be something else like in the movies. Kermit is a great manager with just the right amount of gentleness and hardnose take no crap to keep everyone moving. Miss Piggy, well, she’s Miss Piggy and even in the movies she plays herself. It’s funny to watch her go after Kermit and him constantly rebuffing her. Why this is funny, I can’t say except that it is.

The human stars of the show, one per episode, were a bit of a disappointment. Most of them were singers and/or stage entertainers. I guess in the 70’s people watched tv to see people sing popular songs while either dancing with puppets or beating the stuffing out of them. I recognized 2-5 of the guests but that was it. I guess the muppets had a harder time at first getting some non-B list actors. Heck, I’d go so far as to say that several, if not many, of the guests were more at the C-list level. Of course, Candice Bergen pointing a shotgun at one of the characters and shooting a door off its hinges was totally worth it. You won’t see THAT today.

I really did binge this. While each episode was just under 25 minutes, once you ignore the opening and closing sequence you’re looking at 20minutes of “action”. One disc is quite easily watched on a sunday afternoon if you don’t mind plunking your backside down and just watching. With 4 discs for this season, that’s easy peasy.

I am really looking forward to Season 2 next month.

The Bourne Identity: Movie vs Book vs TV Miniseries

I recently watched the Bourne Identity tv miniseries.  I then proceeded to watch the Matt Damon movie immediately after it and decided to write up my thoughts. When I remembered that I had read the book everything was based on, I figured why not do a 3way brawl and see which comes out on top?


The Movie:

Bad Will Hunting. Haha

This was my first introduction to Jason Bourne and when I originally watched this, I had NO idea it was based on a book or had been made before, or anything. An amnesiac with super special forces training on the run across Europe, outwitting other assassins, governments and falling in love with a euro-chick. The deal clincher that pushed this into awesome territory for me was the closing credit song, Extreme Ways by Moby.  It was a techno-beat song that fit the movie, with its fast, furious and brutal fight scenes.

Speaking of fight scenes. The pen fight versus the first assassin in the apartment building in Paris, awesome. It was understated, limited and yet showed the utter ferociousness of trained killers.

Still like this movie and still love the ending song.


The Book:

Should have been a hollowpoint!

Here’s my review from ’09:

The Bourne Identity

The long and short is that it was quite different from the movie in that it was set back in 70’s or 80’s, dealt with an international assassin (Carlos the Jackal) and Bourne was an undercover agent deliberately run amuck to attract his attention to bring Carlos to ground. Much more political, global and thriller than just an action fight book.

I was glad to have read it, but never had any desire to read it again. I read the next 2 books and the movies shared nothing with them besides the title and both books rather bored me.

This trilogy was the first, and last, Ludlum that I ever read.


The TV Miniseries:

Jaclyn Smith. I miss the Big Hair days 😦

Here’s the wiki link:

1988 Bourne Miniseries

Richard Chamberlin stars as Jason Bourne and it’s easy to spot that this was made in a different era than the movie. It’s not just the clothes, but even the fighting style. Most of the fight scenes were more like bar brawls with lots of gut punches and gripping of throats and slamming of hands against door frames. It is painfully obvious that “fighting” wasn’t an art like it is today.  Their idea of “martial arts” was throwing an arm up to block a punch. Sigh. Also, he’s a rather thin, gentlemanly looking fellow, not what I picture as a special special special forces kind of guy. Of course, to be honest, Matt Damon didn’t look like it either in the movie, so call it a draw for that.

This was a 3hr special divided into 2 parts and that allows for a much more nuanced story. It follows the book a LOT more closely than the movie. But maybe because of that, it’s definitely a Cold War style movie and if that’s not your thing, this will definitely be a watch once and move on kind thing.

That’s what it is for me. Glad to have seen it, but not impressed nor does it tempt me to watch it again.


The Winner:



Well, just in case you couldn’t tell from the descriptions, the Matt Damon movie wins hands down.  The ending song simply made any other choice impossible.

(Of course, you have to pretend that the latest Bourne franchise movie, Jason Bourne, doesn’t exist. Really, that’s one of those “they never made that movie” kind of movie, just like the supposed sequels to the Matrix.  They don’t EXIST!)


And just so I can stick this in the Food category as well, I was eating Gimbal’s Scottie Dogs Licorice. Getting to bite off little dogs’ heads, that’s just bonus, because nothing beats Black Licorice!


Yes, I proudly bit off Toto’s head






Leviathan Wakes (Expanse #1)

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Title: Leviathan Wakes

Series: Expanse

Author: James Corey

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SF

Pages: 583

Format: Kindle digital edition



There is Earth. There is Mars. There are the Belters. All living together in an uneasy truce of shared humanity.

That truce is shattered and war and chaos ensue. The crew of a freighter somehow ends up in the middle of it all right from the beginning and begin to piece together a conspiracy that could change life itself.


My Thoughts:

Firefly, welcome back! That was what I kept thinking as I read along.

This was pure fun, pure space opera. I didn’t try to make connections, or get upset at the characters or wonder how things were going to work out. I was simply along for the ride. Lots of things were implausible and there was a lot of ridiculousness floating around but I never really noticed it because I was enjoying myself so much. That says a lot.

I gave this the Horror tag, not so much because it was scary  but because of the vomit zombies and the whole mass reknitting of human flesh and bone into something else. It was creepier than those faux-horror Star Wars books released years ago.

I also put on the Tv Tie In tag because of the tv show. I would really like to watch it now but I think I’ll wait until I’ve read the series. I don’t want the tv show to accidentally spoil something in the book for me. Book spoiling movie, I am A-OK with that however.

Thoroughly enjoyed this and am looking forward to the rest of the series.

War of the Sons (Supernatural #6)

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Title: War of the Sons

Series: Supernatural #6

Author: David Reed & Rebecca Dessertine

Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Media tie-in

Pages: 238





Sam and Dean are played by Abaddon, sent into the past and used to try to wipe out some End Game Strategy God had setup to defeat Satan in the final battle.


My Thoughts:

Poorly done and poorly thought out, even for a Supernatural event.  Anyone who reads ANY Biblical text knows Abaddon is a badguy, period. Stupid Winchesters.

A list of bloodlines outlining who the vessels of the angels will be in the last battle is the Big Secret? That is not a strategy, that is a weakness to hide. It is NOT a prophecy that deserves to be in a “War Scroll”. Unless you’re a writer with no ideas to work with.

Then the girl from the past ends up dying alone and old in a rest home? She was a hunter through and through. She wouldn’t have lived to BE old. It was mawkish,  sentimental and shallow.

Not sure how many more of these books there are, but I’m done with them. It just isn’t worth the time to read them.

Heart of the Dragon (Supernatural #5)

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Title: Heart of the Dragon

Series: Supernatural

Author: Keith DeCandido

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Media tie-in

Pages: 243



The war between the Angels and Demons for control of the coming Apocalypse continues.

One demon has thought long term and is trying to bring into a play a fallen spirit of great power, a corrupted Samurai.

Said Samurai has been banished, but reappears every 20 years. Sam and Dean’s grandparents successfully banished it, as well as their father and now it is their turn. But this time, that banishment must be permanent or the Samurai will tip the odds in favor of the demons and it will be Hell On Earth.


My Thoughts:

Best Supernatural book yet. It was split  30/30/30 between grandparents, father and then the brothers. For me, that worked real well, as the epic emo’ness of this arc in the tv show was largely cut out and we could focus on Hunters being bad ass hunters.

There was a lot of action, with everything from vampires to humans to demons and angels. Everything I liked about the first 2 seasons was in force in this book. It was simple research, hunt and kill. No whining about this, that and the other. No crying over their forsaken feelings. Just good clean hunting.

My only concern is now the remainder of the books will be compared to this one.

Banner of the Stars II: Protecting the Precious (Seikai Trilogy #3) (Manga Monday on Thursday!)

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Title: Banner of the Stars II: Protecting the Precious

Series: Seikai Trilogy

Author & Artist: Hiroyuki Morioka & Wasoh Miyakoshi

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 248



Jinto and Lafiel are working on the new Basroil and their assignment takes them to the fringes of the continued war with the United Mankind.

They are to evacuate a planet, only it turns out it is a prison planet and various factions are claiming to be in charge.

Jinto must therefore head planet side to sort everything out. And nothing goes right. Eventually Lafiel must choose between her duty and her feelings.


My Thoughts:

The artist changed, so the artwork was different and I have to say, I was not a fan of that change. Also, there were a couple of instance of fan service that just didn’t need to be there.

Storywise, I didn’t feel like things really took off until Jinto and Lafiel got to Lobnos II, which was quite a ways into the book. All the other stuff dealing with Lafiel’s brother and other Abh felt extremely extraneous and superfluous. It was fluff.

But, when things went South and Lafiel had to make the tough decisions, it was well done. Also, things didn’t end as I was expecting since this was a manga and my recollections of the anime were pretty fuzzy, but it was a good ending and I enjoyed it. I really wish more of the anime existed, so I could watch it, but such is life.

The Unholy Cause (Supernatural #4)

cover This review is written with a GPL 3.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions. Crossposted at by express permission of this reviewer

Title: The Unholy Cause

Series: Supernatural #4

Author: Joe Schreiber

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Media Tie-in

Pages: 231



Sam and Dean head down South and get involved with a demon that is trying to use Judas Iscariot’s Noose for some nefarious plan that will further the Big Plan of Lucifer making Sam his vessel.

Castiel is searching out Judas himself to find out the Truth about God [because talking to the guy who betrayed the Son  of God is SUCH a good idea].


My Thoughts:

When it comes to Supernatural, I really have to turn off my Theology’ometer because it is so mixed up and silly. It isn’t serious enough for me to take the time to pick out all the stupid bits.

But there are times when something makes it buzz so loudly that I just have to.

Overall, the book was just a typical Supernatural episode. Sam and Dean ride into town, fight demons and then take off. Castiel is all powerful and still whining about searching for God. And there is a LOT of action. Would have been a good episode.

So, this bugged me in the show, as well as this book. Cas’s ‘search’ for God. They are angels, His messengers and are, according to the Bible, right in God’s Presence. Kripke, the creator of the show, sidesteps all this by making God an absent god. It just pisses me off. And Cas keeps asking the badguys about God for goodness sake.

It was just one of those things that I really can’t overlook, unlike much in the show 🙂