A Cavern of Black Ice

A Cavern of Black Ice
Sword of Shadows #1
J.V. Jones
2 Stars
Epub, 618

Graphic. The word to best describe this book. Every negative emotion, every detail about frozen, dying flesh, every bad habit, all were described to such detail so as to make me hate this book. A young woman, who has the power to free an undead horde, must discharge her power in a safe place, the cavern of black ice. Her fate is thrown in with a young clans man who ends up clanless. They succeed in their quest, but more things are still on the horizon. I don’t think I’ll be reading any more by this author.

This was too graphic for me. Not necessarily brutal violence graphic, but everything negative, from emotions such as hate/fear/anger, to the descriptions of frozen/broken/battered flesh, to bad habits [ie, curd chewing, crass talk] just left me feeling very yucky. Which is unusual.

I finished it, but nothing in it makes me want to read another book by J.V. Jones.