Murder is Easy

Murder Is Easy - Agatha ChristieMurder is Easy

Superintendent Battle #4

Author: Agatha Christie

Rating: 2.5 Stars of 5



A little old lady runs across a retired policeman and tells him of her suspicions of mass murder in her little village. After she dies, the policeman visits the village to find out if the “little old lady from Pasadena” was a nutter or onto something truly horrible.

My Thoughts:

I enjoy Christie’s standalone novels much more than her series based around a main character. Part of that is because each book is just as shallow and light as the previous and the continuation of a character with no growth irritates me. Whereas standalones aren’t expected to be filled with character development and life growth.

This was a typical mystery, but unfortunately, Christie felt the need for the main character to go over every possibility of who and how. I think I skipped almost 10 pages when he started going over that info in his mind.

About 3/4’s of the way through I realized who the killer was, because everyone else was too obvious or not obvious enough. So I got to watch the MC flail around.

There’s a little bit of romance involved, but it felt formulaic at best. Overall, not bad, but mediocre at best.

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