Honor Among Thieves (Star Wars) (ARC)

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Taking place between A New Hope & The Empire Strikes Back, Honor mainly follows Han as he tries to work for the Rebellion while keeping his independence. His part of the story revolves around picking up a deep undercover Rebel agent who has news of a big Empire plan. At the same time Leia is involved in negotiations with various and sundry to raise funds for the Rebellion and Luke is heading out on one of his early missions.

And surprise, all 3 stories tie together.


My Thoughts

I enjoyed reading this. I enjoyed the Big 3, alone, young, fighting for Right. Unlike the later series where authors have interjected their own Doubting Thomas worldview into the books and ruined the characters, this was “back to the basics” Star Wars.

Han is a good character to follow around. He’s a rogue, an adventurer, a funny arrogant pompous windbag AND he’s got Chewie. Man, I love Chewie. I also found it enlightening about how Han is fighting his feelings for Leia and his involvement in the Rebellion. There is a minor character who “could have been” Han in 10-20 years and Han realizes this.

I don’t want to get all anime’y and “power of friendship and rainbows”, but this shows how Friendship is what saved Han from becoming just another scraggly smuggler and turned him into the great man we all love and like.

The main thing I didn’t like was the main female lead, the undercover agent. She just reminded me of Mara Jade in so many ways that if I’d been Zahn I’d be screaming about rip-offs, etc. She was Mara without the lightsaber and force.

And you know what? I’m still not over what happened to Mara in Sacrifice and I’m happy that Karen Traviss, the horrible, horrible woman who wrote it, has pretty much ended her Star Wars career.

And this just brought back all those memories of reading Sacrifice back in ’07.

I did like how they showed the precursor of Centerpoint Station however. I really like tie-ins like that.


Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Author: James Corey

Honor Among Thieves

Star Wars: Empire & Rebellion