Raptor 6 DNF (ARC)

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My Thoughts:

The description for this book made it seem that it would be about a Special Forces team whose leader was a Christian. A girl was going to be involved somehow.

So my expectations were all pumped up for a Mack Bolan kind of book. Lots of mayhem, bullets flying, explosions, damsel in distress, badguys befuddled and ultimately killed.

So when the Team is described like slabs of man-meat, eyes are “drilling through” like diamonds and the lead female dramatically faints in the hero’s arms after an attack, I was angry beyond belief.

This was a romance, albeit a non-porn one like most of what I see out there.

Most of my anger and disgust stems from the fact that I felt like this was a real Bait-N-Switch. If this had been presented as a romance, then I would not have even tried it and both I and the author would have been happier with me not reading it. Instead, now we have another author added to my “Authors to Avoid” list.

I hate expending emotional energy on crap I don’t like.


Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Author: Ronie Kendig

Raptor 6

The Quiet Professionals #1