Robinson Crusoe (Classic)

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Title: Robinson Crusoe

Series: —–

Author: Daniel Defoe

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Classic

Pages: 271



Robinson Crusoe, young and affluent, completely spurns the advice of his father and becomes a sailor and has various mishaps before being wrecked on a deserted island.

Survives on the Island for many years, finally gets rescued, becomes rich and then the book ends.


My Thoughts:

I read this book on my phone, so this was a filler when I only had a couple of minutes to read at a time.

I did not like Crusoe in the beginning of the book. He was young, arrogant and senseless. His actions were selfish, short sighted and in many cases just plain stupid.

However, once he was marooned on the island, he began to grow up and become someone with some sense.

Once he got off the island, he seemed to slip back into being a stupid man again. The book ends with his wife being dead and him deciding to head off to Brazil again and no mention of their children is made. Just boom, no wife, off he goes to adventure.

The other thing that bugged me was that Crusoe kept blaming his bad habits on fate, destiny, etc instead of taking responsibility for his own ass decisions.

I can see why this is a classic. A story of survival in the worst of circumstances and eventual rescue and riches. I doubt I’ll read this again though.