Wrong Number (Oh My Goddess! #1) ★★★★☆ (Manga Monday)

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Title: Wrong Number
Series: Oh My Goddess! #1
Author: Kosuke Fujishima
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 160
Format: Paper copy



Keiichi Morisato dials the wrong number from his dorm room and ends up on the Goddess Hotline. Thinking it is a joke by his seniors, he wishes that the young woman who appears before him be his girlfriend forever. Belldandy is a real goddess and Keiichi’s wish comes true. He and Bell are now part and parcel.

This leads to many hijinks, as the Ultimate Power does whatever it has to to keep them together.

Belldandy becomes a student at Nekomi Tech, where Keiichi is learning to become a mechanic/engineer/something. Suddenly, Keiichi has gone from Zero to Hero with the beautiful Belldandy at his side. Sadly, it’s not all fun and games as jealously rears it head.

But between Keiichi just being a nice guy and Belldandy actually loving him and being a goddess, they’ll work things out. But can Keiichi keep everyone from finding out that Bell is a goddess? And when the book ends, his little sister has just moved in with them.


My Thoughts:

This was just pure fun. It was light and fluffy and romantic and pretty much what every single guy wants to happen to him. Back in the day, this hit my romantic spot right on target, as I was short, thought I was a really nice guy and knew a couple of young ladies who I thought were goddesses.

Now, being married for just under a decade, this was still just as fun. I laughed out loud several times. Being written by a guy, about a guy, I think this will appeal to males more? It is really tough to tell though. I’d certainly recommend at least reading this book to check out if you like the over-arching idea.

The art is a little rough, but in the kind of way that gives it character and uniqueness, not in a slap-dash kind of way where it seems the manga-ka was drunk that day and couldn’t be bothered. The piece I’ve included here is a great representative of the art style for this volume. Bell and Kei sitting on the roof of their temple/home. I’m going to try to include a sample from each volume so you can see the evolution of the art style as Fujishima grows more into his role as a mature manga-ka.

I LIKE black and white manga. It just works for me.

It is episodic. This was written chapter by chapter and released in a weekly or monthly magazine in Japan. Darkhorse just published the chapters in one book and there aren’t clear dividing lines at all between chapters. In fact, there aren’t chapters at all. Which can make it feel almost whiplash’y as you jump from one adventure straight into another. But hang on and you’ll have a good time. A lot of info is thrown at you, such as Keiichi being at a tech school, having a sister, etc, etc, but it is never overwhelming. Belldandy is the bell of the manga and she always takes center stage.

I am really glad this was so fun.




Oh My Goddess! Manga Series Intro

615axv2cxml-_sl500Whenever I start a long running series of posts, I like to do an Intro Post, at least if I think of it. I did an un-named Intro Post for my Malazan Book of the Fallen series and I did an actual Intro post for Survival Saturdays.  An intro post allows me to talk about the subject as a whole before I start in on a book by book, or food by food, gritty battle for supremacy. So I shall sit down and type my thoughts for this upcoming manga series.

I was actually introduced to this series through the anime. It was a 5 part ova [each episode was 30minutes long] and I immediately bought the 2 dvd box set. Once I realized it was an ongoing manga, I began to slowly collect the volumes. Each volume was around $15 and for a young 20’s something guy trying to save for a house and other things that life required, it wasn’t something to splurge on.

Oh My Goddess! has 48 Volumes. However, the first 19 volumes actually comprise 20 volumes as the publisher, Dark Horse, was releasing whole volumes as they saw fit, not when a whole book hit Japan. It had to do with rights and whatnot. It was a lot more tricky back then, with more legaleeze and not so much money greasing the wheels of international love and brotherhood. * eye roll *  But from Vol. 21 onward, the size was shrunk to what we think of as manga size and mirrored the book releases in Japan. It was a sad day when the books went down in size.



Fast forward 14 years. My reading of Eyeshield 21 was coming to a close. It was time to pick another series and since I owned up to Vol 35 of OMG, I decided to tackle that. Why have them on my shelf if I’m not going to read them? So I bought the last 13 volumes, now more affordably priced and things are taking off.

This manga ran from 1988-2014. The art will have changed and I’m going to try to showcase at least one page from each volume in each review. Some of the volumes are pretty slim so the review might not consist of much more than a synopsis and me whining about how little there is to the book.  I figure this series will be read for all of 2018, as I know from experience that there are times I just don’t want to read manga. I know I’m not going to read a volume every week. I’m inviting burn out if I try that again. I would love to get back into a Manga Monday routine but that is going to take some forethought and planning. Probably use November and December to work out the mechanics of if it is viable.

And with ALL that blabbing out of the way (I skim posts this long when written by others, so I feel like I should be apologizing to you all)…

Here is a comparison of the first and last book:


It’s been a rough day. 800mg of caffeine might have gotten me through, but it’s doing my hands no favors at the moment.



While I will be listing each volume reviewed at the end of the current review, I will also be adding an OMG tag. Eyeshield 21 showed me that more than 10-15 links in a single review is just unwieldy and ugly.


Oh My Goddess! #26

Oh My Goddess! #26
Kosuke Fujishima
170 pages

The Eater of Angels is defeated and Keiichi takes on Bell’s “familiar”, but it is wearing his body out, and Bell is being worn out; so Urd, Skuld and Peorth take things into their own hands to exorcise it. Ends with Kei flying out of the house to escape. While I really like the new unflipped versions, they are a little short to be paying $10.95 a volume. Sigh, the life of a fan 😉