Myth Directions

Myth DirectionsMyth Directions

Myth Adventures #3

Robert Asprin

3 of 5 Stars


Skeeve and co have some more adventures. Ahz really doesn’t seem to be training Skeeve, just throwing him into situations and letting him sink or swim.
I plan on reading more of these, but with the expectation of complete fluff and no substance…

Myth Conceptions

Myth ConceptionsMyth Conceptions

Myth Adventures #2

Robert Asprin

3 of 5 Stars


Skeeve, the almighty, takes on an entire army, with some help.

I didn’t laugh as much as in the first book, but this was a solid humor book and I enjoyed the time I spent on it.

I kind of wish that Tanda was either less involved or more. I keep waiting for her to latch on to Skeeve and for the hijinks to ensue…

Another Fine Myth

Another Fine MythAnother Fine Myth

Myth Adventures #1

Robert Asprin

3 of 5 Stars


Funny, in a stupid way, not zany like Terry Pratchett. I smiled almost the whole way through the book.
The mis-adventures of an apprentice magician, his new green scaled demon mentor, his young dragon, a unicorn and a sexy assassin.

A lot o the humor is situational and also wordplay [names, etc are play on words].