With the Lightnings (Lt. Leary #1)

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Young arrogant, rich and snotty Lt. Leary gets all pissy with his dad, gets cutoff from the family fortune, joins the space navy to spite his father and ends up saving a whole world from the badguys. And he makes a good friend of a sexy librarian.



My Thoughts:

Pure escapism. I’m usually ok with that, especially since 90% of what I read is just that. But when reading about a spoiled, uppity, privileged beyond belief brat, my working man’s blood just boils sometimes and it is hard to enjoy the read.

I enjoyed the overall story of a small group of plucky heroes retaking a world from the dastardly bad guys. Lots of fun fighting, explosions, thrills and brazen and ballsy decisions. And a Librarian, with a Capitol “L”. Always good in my books [hahaha]

I just didn’t like Leary. I got this for free and am glad I read it but it bears out what I think of Drake already: I enjoyed his Lord of the Isles fantasy series but very little else. I just don’t quite click with his stories or writing. If I can get the second book for free I’ll probably try it but unless it is super-de-duper better I won’t continue after that.


Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Author: David Drake

With the Lightnings

Lt. Leary #1