Inkheart (Ink #1) DNF


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Meggie and her dad Mo have an adventure when it comes to pass that Mo can read characters into and out of story books, but not entirely at will.


My Thoughts

The idea of a booklover who can read things and have them appear out of or into stories should be awesome. And if that booklover is surrounded by people who also love books, then it should be even better.

However, this was an epic Fail for me. Mo and Meggie were “true” book lovers. They loved the book as much as the story it contained. In their minds, the 2 were connected. I’m a big ereader fan, so that started things off a little awkward.

Then Mo. I disliked almost everything about him. I couldn’t find something to respect in him. Meggie came across as a know-it-all, impetuous pre-teen that she was.

It was slow going and I stalled, but I figured I’d read a little bit here and there and get through it. However, I had to give up, because of the following.

Mo and Meggie had been betrayed by Fireguy to the badguy because Fireguy wanted to get back into his storybook. The badguy didn’t keep his promise for betraying Mo and Meggie, so Fireguy escapes with them when they bust out.

Now, there is ONE book left of this story and Mo knows who has it. So what does he do? He FREAKING TELLS FIREGUY THERE IS ANOTHER COPY AND THAT HE KNOWS WHERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just gave up right then. I can only take so much stupidity and I get more than my daily ration in real life without adding to it in my reading.


Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Author: Cornelia Funke [and yes, I  ♪ sang that funky music white boy! ♪♪]


Ink #1