The Weight of Blood (Half-Orcs #1)

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Title: The Weight of Blood

Series: Half-Orcs #1

Author: David Dalglish

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 228



2 Half-orc [half-orc, half-elf] brothers team up with an avatar of death. One becomes a physical titan, hewing down all who stand before him. The other becomes a master of necromantic powers and plots to remove the avatar and take his place.

And in the end they go their separate ways, mainly because of an elf woman.


My Thoughts:

When I read A Dance of Cloaks by Dalglish I was not impressed with his non-use of any type of hero, but I did want to give him another chance with another series.

In the afterword Dalglish says this series is about redemption.

That might be the case, as the more physical of the brothers ends up regretting all the death he has caused, right at the end of the book. However, the first 95% of the book simply follows them as they slaughter, kill and commit other unsavory acts to further their own ends.

It left a very bad taste in my mental mouth and after Cloaks I am not willing to give Dalglish a 3rd chance. I am not, never have been and hopefully never will be, a fan of dark, gritty fantasy. I like my heroes to inspire me to be better, not drag me down in the blood, filth and muck.