Currently Reading & Quote: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Some remote fragment of Main Line to somewhere else, there was, which was going to ruin the Money Market if it failed, and Church and State if it succeeded, and (of course), the Constitution, whether or no;
~Chapter VI, Philanthropy in Minor Canon Corner.

It is good to be reminded that civil evils have always been going on. Does not negate the fact the evils ARE evil and ARE happening but ultimately God is in control, in the Past, Today and in the Future. I’m pretty sure Dickens, with his rabid hatred of the ecclesiastical, never thought he’d stir up a thought like that in a reader of his, hahahahaha!

Currently Reading & Quote: The Diamond Throne

Sparhawk shook his head. ‘Just a bath and a warm bed.’ He turned to his horse, who stood dozing with one hind leg cocked slightly so that his hoof rested on its tip. ‘Wake up, Faran,’ he told the animal.

Faran opened his eyes and gave him a flat, unfriendly stare.

‘Go with this knight,’ Sparhawk instructed firmly. ‘Don’t try to bite him, or kick him, or pin him against the side of the stall with your rump – and don’t step on his feet, either.’

The big roan briefly laid back his ears and then sighed.

~Chapter 1

Hahahahahahaa! Ahhhhhh, how can you not love that? Of course, that is about the third time that the word “flat” or “flatly” has been used and it’s only chapter 1. I’d forgotten that aspect of this trilogy.

Currently Reading: Gulag Archipelago Vol. II

I have been reading this for the past 2 weeks. Yes, you heard me right, 2 weeks. I’ve cheated a little and started a couple of other books (hence the other Currently Reading Posts) but I really want this done.

I’ve been able to judge what is coming up for February a little better and things are looking slightly brighter than I originally thought. Which makes reading this just a tiny bit easier. Not much, mind you. but every tiny bit helps! So while February is going to be slightly lighter in terms of books read, I don’t think it will be in the single digits like I was fearing.

Onward, Comrades, for the Bookerland!

Currently Reading & Quote: Transfer of Power

How they felt back at Langley would be a different matter, entirely. Rapp had known this before he stepped out of the stash room with Adams some seventy minutes ago, but that was just tough shit. There were too many people sticking their fingers in the pie. This thing needed to be streamlined, and someone needed to take action. Sitting around and playing cautious was not in Rapp’s nature, especially where Aziz was concerned. Rapp knew whom he was dealing with, he knew what Aziz was up to, and if nobody else could figure it out, to hell with them. This was not one of those moments in life where disagreement was acceptable. This wasn’t a policy decision where it was difficult to quantify the benefits of one course over the other. This was black and white. Rapp knew what had to be done, and everyone else could kiss his ass if they weren’t on board.
~Page 335

Now that is what I’m talking about! I am going to enjoy this character.

My last literary encounter with a Secret Service’y agent (I’m ignoring the Delta Force series for this post) was the Scott Harvath series by Brad Thor. I dnf’d the 4th book, Blowback, because Harvath was an insufferable, arrogant asshat. While Rapp has that potential, so far he’s not been a jerk even once. He’s been competent and qualified and not afraid to stand up to political idiots. He’s the kind of character that makes me want to stand up and go “Rah, rah, rah”.

Currently Reading: Wicked Bronze Ambition

I am only 15% into this and I am HATING it. Lots of “Ughhh, WHY did Cook do that?” kind of moments. Garrett is acting stupid beyond anything I’ve seen in the entire series. It feels like he’s permanently drunk in regards to his mental acuity here. It just isn’t like him.

This was written in 2013 and is apparently the last Garrett PI novel. So far, I can see why. Unless there is a miraculous turn around, this is going to be an ugly read.

My Current Reading Rotation

At the beginning of each year I like to list out the current reading rotation I have on my kindle. I used to do it to give everyone a vague sense of what is coming up. Now that I’m doing a lot more of my Currently Reading posts, that part of it isn’t strictly necessary. So without further ado, here’s my current reading list.

  • Non-Fiction
  • The Scorched Continent – Megan O’Keefe
  • Max Brand Omnibus
  • Delta Force – Dalton Fury
  • Magic and Malice – Patricia Wrede
  • Wheel of Time – Robert Jordan
  • Misc – 6 books by various authors
  • Galaxy’s Edge – Jason Anspach & Nick Cole
  • Mitch Rapp – Vince Flynn
  • Saint Tommy, NYPD – Declan Finn
  • A Very Short Introduction – various
  • Dickens
  • Gaunt’s Ghosts – Dan Abnett
  • Charles Williams – 4 novels
  • The Elenium – David Eddings
  • The Complete Shakespeare – still slogging through!
  • Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy Sayers
  • The New Evidences That Demand a Verdict – Josh McDowell (nonfiction that I’m reading at work. Hardcover)

And that is that. I’m getting close to finishing up Dickens, so I’ll be replacing him with something from my Calibre pile. Delta Force and Magic n Malice both have only one book to go and Scorched Continent has 2. So there should be some good turnover in the next 1-3 months.