Throne of the Crescent Moon

Throne of the Crescent MoonThrone of the Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Kingdoms #1

Saladin Ahmed

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Thanks be to God, who allows authors to finally run the *&)(^%$ out of worthless words.

This book could have been 20% shorter if the author hadn’t made his characters “bless”, “thank”, “praise”, “be damned” or some such “God” for EVERY PHRACKING THING THEY DO!!!!!!!!!!!

Does the young hothead think a thought? Praise God he can think.

Does the old fat magician like a particular food? Thank God he can taste it.

And on and on and on.

I went into this book thinking I was going to get a rousing middle eastern story with monsters I’d never heard of and horrors beyond mortal ken.

What I got was an old man who refused to properly take on an apprentice, and then spends the entire book lamenting how he is too old to be doing this.
I get pages of people drinking tea, going through crowded gates and talking about mundane things.
I also get “action”, all 2 paragraphs of it.

Ghuls get some face time at the beginning and right near the end. I want some fighting action that lasts more than 2 paragraphs, PLEASE!!!! Give me new and exciting monsters to feast my jaded fantasy tastes upon.
Humongous evil, terrible powers are hinted at, given a shadow, then torn away in an ill-described, barely there kind of way.

I was just disappointed, which is why I am so vitriolic. I don’t know that I’ll be reading any more…