The Aeronaut’s Windlass (The Cinder Spires #1)

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Title:ย The Aeronaut’s Windlass

Series:ย The Cinder Spires

Author: Jim Butcher

Rating:ย 4.5 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 630

Format: Kindle





People live in Spires, miles long wide and high habitats, that keep them safe from the elements and creatures of the harsh and destructive world.

Fleets keep the Spires safe.

Now there is a war on between Spire Albion and Spire Aurora. This story is about introducing the disparate set of characters, introducing us to elements of this world and details one skirmish in the war that probably has deeper consequences for the rest of the story than we are aware of.


My Thoughts:

Impressive. Skillfully and wonderfully made. This is definitely steampunk but Butcher works it like a master and I actually liked it. That impressed me as well ๐Ÿ™‚

I liked the characters. Grimm was great [I’m kind of partial to that name now as I’ve been binge watching the tv show Grimm on Amazon Prime and I just imagined the Grimm from the tv show as the Grimm here in the book], Rowl the Cat was done to an absolute perfect T and yet not overused and hence simply a prop. The others all fit into a good slot and helped things along.

We only get hints about the world however. Which considering how big this book was was probably a good thing. Save the whole “this is what our world is like and this is how it came to be” plotline for another book. I will be looking forward to that plotline however.

Codex Alera is my favorite series of books and yetย  I can’t stomach the Dresden Files so I wasn’t sure which side of the line this series would come down on. Happily, I loved it. As much as I want to go buy a hardcover though, I am waiting to see how long this series goes and in what direction it turns. If it is a 6 book series like Codex Alera then I can totally see myself buying these. If however it becomes some sort of open ended cash revenue river like the Dresden Files then I will remember this fondly with a small sigh of regret.

Highly recommended asย  a fast paced, thrilling SFF story that will keep you engaged through the whole book.