The Realms Thereunder (Ancient Earth #1) DNF

11eae0e9fe253c46b5301f3e0714432aThe Realms Thereunder

An Ancient Earth #1

Ross Lawhead

1 Star


This author, Ross Lawhead, is Stephen Lawhead’s son, so I had high hopes.

However, I am sick and tired of main characters who are whiny, broken people. I get enough of that in my own life and in real life. I DON’T want to read about it in a book.

And when they are kids and then older teens/young twenty somethings, it makes it worse for me.

The story follows two 12/13 year olds who accidentally awaken 2 of Arthur’s knights and apparently they have an adventure and save the world. The story splits between that time and “now”, 8 years later. The girl is psychologically broken by the experience and barely holding on. The boy is now a homeless vagrant. As youngsters the girl is bossy but afraid and the boy is rebellious and stupid.

None of those circumstances appeal to me in any shape, way or form.

So goodbye young Lawhead, you blew your chance with me.

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