Fated (Alex Verus #1) DNF




Alex Verus #1

Author: Benedict Jacka

1 of 5 Stars


For the record, Urban Fantasy doesn’t really do it for me. But I keep trying it because it “seems” like such a good idea.

I read Dresden until book 8 or 9 and just had to admit that I wouldn’t like it. I read the first 4 Iron Druid books and while I enjoyed parts, the overallness didn’t make me want to read more.

But my cousin highly recommended the Alex Verus series. I went into it not realizing it was UF to be honest. My first clue was the tip to Butcher’s Dresden, the wizard in the yellow pages under “W, for Wizard”.

Then Verus’s whole backstory. As far as I’m concerned, it was the exact same thing as Dresden. My mind started screaming Dresden Light-Now with NO calories!

So I wasn’t enjoying the read. So I stopped. It wasn’t badly written, or poorly edited, I simply didn’t like the story. If you liked Dresden, or the Iron Druid, you might very well enjoy this YA version of Dresden.

(and yes, I used the word Dresden a lot on purpose)