My REAL Promise To You

Mr Bojangles. THE Tap Dancer!

This first paragraph is going to be me tapdancing and covering all my bases so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelingz. Because I hold feelingz in as high regard as anyone. In fact, My middle names is Feelingz. Bookstooge Feelingz Kickyourassrightnowsosuckitscumbag. (yeah, makes filling out paperwork a real bear!) So, let the tapdancing begin. This post was not written with anyone but myself in mind. I am not applying this to post to anyone but myself. I am not applying this post to other bloggers or trying to tell anyone else how to run their blog. This post is to tell you how I run my blog. Period. Ok, stop the music Vincent, I’m done dancing.

Dr Phibes knows how to have a good time

I went Dotcom in January to get rid of the ads and the damned “native sponsored” posts by WordPress, posts inserted into free wordpress blogs that are just gigantic ads you can’t do anything about. I didn’t want anyone following me to be subjected to seeing such things on my site. So I paid and went to dotcom. Hopefully, now if you ever visit my site you will not see ads of any kind. That is why I went dotcom.

I did not go dotcom to make money in any way, shape or form. I am not a part of WordPress’s Adsense Program. I do not use affiliate links for any products I review. I do not have any sort of donation widget setup. I am not writing this to say that that makes me a “better” blogger than anybody else.

No it isn’t. Which is why I don’t pimp my blog

I blog because I have to write but I do not want to be an author. I’ll leave that tortured lifestyle to those that want it. Me, I just want to blab and have some fun with people. So my promise is that you’ll never be used by me to collect money for myself. That is what my job is for.

63 thoughts on “My REAL Promise To You

                    1. I’m down with tht. Just watch out for that Harris woman, she might try to claw your eyes out. And the secret service isn’t what it used to be, so they might not be much protection to you. But if you were goggles, you should be safe.

                      The only possible snafu would be if everyone found out you were the same guy who bumped a certain movie to where it belonged. You might want to think about a full Ulysses Grant style beard….

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                    2. I’ve been your secret President all along, all this other stuff was just to flush out the real cat it’s into plain sight. We’ve got them where we want them, or my name isn’t Ulysses ‘ Hugh’ Grant!

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                    3. Hugh Grant? Well, I suspect that the movie American Assassin hasn’t got a patch on what’s going to happen then.

                      No way I’m allowing Hugh Grant to be president….

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    1. If blogger had had a good notification/comment system in place, chances are I’d jump ship and head over there full time. But you basically have to manually keep track of your comments and that’s not worth it….

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        1. I use it as a backup for my reviews. I like the writing process better than WP, mainly because my requirements are pretty simple, but without a way to connect to “community”, it’s really no different than writing in my journal.

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                1. That’s a good question. I never stopped to consider if they make Regional Monopoly or if they just keep it New York centered.

                  I know they change the names of places when they make various versions, like the Star Wars, etc….

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                  1. Yeah, there are some weird ones out there. They do a Breaking Bad Monopoly – it’s called Methopoly. Over here, Monopoly is London based. I think the French one must be Paris. It’s something I’ve never thought about. Well, there you go.

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                    1. Hahahahaha, really? Methopoly? That is hilarious!

                      It makes sense to regionalize the game. I just never thought about it before. Makes me wonder what games I know of are actually from other countries and I just don’t know it.

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                    2. Ah, now that is an interesting question. I didn’t think I’d be going in-depth into board games today, but here we go. Draughts is basically chess (originating from India, by the way) 2.0. It’s also called checkers, which you’re probably more likely to recognise. You use little pieces and have to jump over opposition pieces to capture them:

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    1. The block editor has got to be the ONE single worst decision automattic has made in regards to ease of writing for the casual blogger.

      And that, I’m afraid, shows that the day of the casual blogger is in its twilight time. They don’t make money for wordpress, so if WP can do something to attract 100 paying customers, then 10K free blogs don’t matter.

      Rather depressing 😦


    2. Oh, a question I have for you.
      When I click on your name to go toyour site, your gravatar always takes me to your force of the skelligs page instead of your actual home page.

      My question is, is that deliberate?

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    1. I hope so 😀 Can’t be much worse than some of those regurgi-whatever sites.

      As cheesy as it sounds, I really like a blogger where I can connect with them, even if I don’t agree with them. You know, that “click”….

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  1. I pay for my blog too, mainly because of space. It’s funny because I used Wordads for a few months thinking that maybe the blog could pay for itself, but it was a joke. 😂 I don’t know why I bother sharing Amazon links because I don’t get paid for it, and they blacklisted me years ago anyway.

    It’s worth paying to get rid of WP ads. It sure can make a mess of formats. Excellent post! 👍

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    1. Honestly, I haven’t noticed one jot of difference. I changed my theme on my home page and that’s probably about the biggest change that has taken place. Going dotcom wasn’t really about doing more.

      so far it has been very smooth sailing. I think the acid test will be when I have to go and renew. We’ll see what kind of hassles WP throws at me.

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        1. I turned off auto-renew because I want to see if I can get another percentage deal like I did when I originally joined.
          I have a big fat google calendar reminder a month before hand so I don’t miss it and forget it.


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