[Go-Bag] Jimbo the Desperado!

…. or so he would like the world to think anyway. He wanted an eyepatch but Mr Zip put his foot down and told him no. We don’t do theatrics and cheap tricks on this blog to get attention, no sirree!

The reality is that Jimbo is just a prepper monkey who wants to impress his poo flinging friends. Deep down he knows that nothing he says will change their minds and they will be flinging poo at each other right up until they freeze to death or the grizzly bear eats them. This makes Jimbo very sad and when he’s sad, he mopes. So I asked him what could I get him, in regards to prepper supplies, that might help cheer him up. His response was instantaneous. A hatchet and a straight edge kabar knife. My manipulationometer went off the charts :-/

This is a kabar d2 extreme fighting knife. D2 refers to the steel used. D2 steel has high chromium content, making it harder and longer lasting. It is also more resistant to corrosion than regular steel making it an ideal material for a knife. A good knife is one of the most utilitarian items you can own. All the way from self-defense to simply cutting a rope, a knife’s got you covered Jimbo insisted I buy 2, one for the 3day go-bag and one to use at work to give it a work out. Anything you put in a go-bag you had better have tested beforehand. Jimbo lives by this mantra. Smart monkey.

. The second item Jimbo requested was a hatchet. While a hatchet has a narrower field of focus than a knife, it also allows you to deal with bigger items, like small trees or broken power poles fallen across the road. You can also use it to cut kindling for a fire, use the butt end as a light hammer to setup a tent and as an emergency entry maker (ie, chop through a door to an abandoned house). Because Jimbo’s a hardass with his mantra, I’m going to be using the hatchet over at W.C. Bombfunk’s this summer to split wood. The hatchet has a hollow handle and I’m not sure how that will feel.

Jimbo tells me that every 3day go-bag needs the following:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • The Bag Itself

I’ve got the food aspect covered (all those Survival Saturday posts came in handy!) with whey milk, granola and oatmeal. We’ll see about adding beans and rice. I’ve got the bag and shelter and am working on fire and water. Our plan is to have a bag that will allow us to hike 20 miles to W.C. Bombfunk’s place in case of an emergency. While neither of us are grossly obese, neither do we regularly walk long distances. We’re counting on 2 days for that 20 miles so we don’t end up in pain. I’m hoping to test out various items during the summer and report back for how they work and whether they’re going to go in our go-bag or not. I suspect this will turn into a series of posts like the Survival Saturday series.

Jimbo’s ready to bring his A-Game to this series of posts and really hopes you’ll enjoy them. Mr Zip just rolled his eyes at his naivete and went back to eating his buckets of chicken fingers.

52 thoughts on “[Go-Bag] Jimbo the Desperado!

  1. Loving Jimbo’s wisdom! As I said before, I’m inspired by this idea. I’m a person who likes to be prepared too. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the bag turns out!

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    1. 😀
      We’re actually going to be making up two of these. One for “oh no, the building is on fire, grab it and go!” and the other for “well, there goes the electricity, time to hike”. Mrs B and I will also be test hiking with these to see how the load is and what we can do for balancing them better, etc.

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        1. We are seriously thinking of it. Probably not this year as I have no vacation time, but maybe next. Take a week, take the hike, spend a day at my bro’s and then hike back and recover 🙂

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        2. It’s actually going to be a series of hikes, leading up to the “actual” hike. The first hike will be to test out the packs. The plan is to have progressively longer hikes to acclimate our bodies. 🙂

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    1. WC Bombfunk is the name I use to refer to my younger brother.

      This is aiming for an emergency like if the power goes out due to a hurricane or something like that. Seeing what happened to people years ago when the levee broke for New Orleans, and then more recently in Texas when they had the supercold snap and the whole state lost power, it’s made us realize we would like to be prepared for about anything for 3 days.

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    1. Thanks. I’m hoping by July to have put it to the test to make sure it’s actually functional. Nothing worse than buying something that won’t actually do what it is supposed to.


    1. Yep, if the Punisher was going to use a knife, he’d use some form of the USMC kabar fighting knife 😀

      What part of the design hadn’t you seen before? Just the size? or something else? I’m always interested in what others know about this subject.

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      1. I think what “shocked” me most was the protection cover thing that goes around the sharp edge. It’s very logical for it to have it but I always imagined a hatchet just dangling around a belt, quickly accessible, and all. And then there’s that holy at the end. I imagine it’s to allow a string to go through or something? To make it easier to attach it somewhere? As for size, I’ve known about tactical tomahawks, so I wasn’t surprised by that much. Have you ever tried tossing it???? Are you able to get the sharp end to hit the target or is that harder than it looks? 😛

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        1. Yeah, most hatchets come with some sort of sheathe. Fiskar just decided it was more cost efficient to use a plastic “guard” than a full leather sheathe.

          I think the hole in the handle IS for a lanyard. Something to put around your wrist to keep it from flying off if you lose your grip. I think it can also be used for tying it down if you lash it to the outside of a backpack.

          These are not balanced for throwing. So while you can throw them, chances are 1 in a million of if hitting blade first 🙂

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          1. Ok, I’ve never held a hatchet in my life, but I have the vast experience of wearing Oculus Quest controllers with wrist straps.

            So now I’m picturing a situation where you swing the hatchet at something, lose your grip on it, but “thanks” to the cord being wrapped around your wrist, the hatchet swings around and chops into your arm or your side or something.

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            1. Hahahaha! I just had a picture of some half wit chopping his own arm off, hahahahaa.

              Thankfully, unless you miss the object you’re chopping completely, that should stop it from doing what you describe. Also, the lanyard can be used to tie down the handle onto whatever pack you’re carrying.

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    1. All it takes is one weather event and whammo, no power.
      You can turn just about anything into a weapon. Got any hornet/wasp spray? That stuff is deadly in the eyes or mouth. It’s what Mrs B carried on campus when her college said students couldn’t carry pepper spray.

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      1. Hi hun, you might be confusing me with someone else. My campus let me carry pepper spray. They also taught free self-defense lessons for students.

        P.S. Thanks for volunteering as designated firewood chopper. 😋

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      2. Yeah, no pepperspray allowed here. But my mam recommends hairspray, and just deodorant can buy you some time as well. I feel we might be allowed the hatchet, because it serves other purposes than just causing harm. But it would need to be sheathed when out of the house (as in not directly ready to use). The knife might be okay as well actually, I know for diving me and my dad had something similar. But again only to be put safely away not readily usable when out and about. But for hiking purposes I think it should be okay.

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  2. You gave a knife and a hatchet to an emotionally unstable monkey?


    I used to carry a pocket knife and use it for cutting up apples, opening stuff, etc. Every time I whipped it out, my one coworker would say, “I never knew a woman that carried a knife before. Although I did know a lady that carried a gun in her purse.” I was always real proud of myself. But now I see that I will have to up my game.

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    1. 🙂

      The kabar isn’t something I can casually carry around unfortunately. It fits in the go-bag like it belongs there and the other goes into my work bag ok, but I haven’t figured out a way to comfortably carry it on my person. Kabar has an attachment system, but unless you’re standing or hiking all day, sitting down in a chair would be extremely uncomfortable.

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    1. A marine corp buddy of mine really likes gerber, but apparently gerber and fiskar merged some years ago so all the gerber stuff today is now rebadged fiskars. I figured why spend an extra 25 on a name?

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            1. I’ve tried a fiskar machete at work. Hated the thing. The handle reminded me of a sword pommel and would really bang my hand around.

              I’ve thought about trying to get one of those collapsible shovels, but at some point I have to realize I can only fit in so much stuff into the bag 😀

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                1. It was double edged, not sure about the tip. I’d never seen it’s like before. It was the handle that was the issue.
                  I’m including a link that shows a fiskars machete that, while not the same one, has the same handle:

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