The Muppet Show Season One (TV 1976)

I went into this never having seen full episodes before, just the various movies and then bits and pieces throughout my childhood.

I would sum up this season as psychedelic singing between rounds of horrible wordplays and bad jokes made on purpose. And I loved every minute of it.

I liked that the characters were “themselves” instead of trying to be something else like in the movies. Kermit is a great manager with just the right amount of gentleness and hardnose take no crap to keep everyone moving. Miss Piggy, well, she’s Miss Piggy and even in the movies she plays herself. It’s funny to watch her go after Kermit and him constantly rebuffing her. Why this is funny, I can’t say except that it is.

The human stars of the show, one per episode, were a bit of a disappointment. Most of them were singers and/or stage entertainers. I guess in the 70’s people watched tv to see people sing popular songs while either dancing with puppets or beating the stuffing out of them. I recognized 2-5 of the guests but that was it. I guess the muppets had a harder time at first getting some non-B list actors. Heck, I’d go so far as to say that several, if not many, of the guests were more at the C-list level. Of course, Candice Bergen pointing a shotgun at one of the characters and shooting a door off its hinges was totally worth it. You won’t see THAT today.

I really did binge this. While each episode was just under 25 minutes, once you ignore the opening and closing sequence you’re looking at 20minutes of “action”. One disc is quite easily watched on a sunday afternoon if you don’t mind plunking your backside down and just watching. With 4 discs for this season, that’s easy peasy.

I am really looking forward to Season 2 next month.

29 thoughts on “The Muppet Show Season One (TV 1976)

  1. Yikes. I think we can agree that The Muppets are cool, but I scurried off and looked at the roster of Season One guest-stars, and even I’m scratching my head at some of them. I guess the Muppets have a reputation for pulling in big stars, but it sure didn’t start like that. Having said that, seeing big name performers working with the Muppets wasn’t the whole thing, and it’ll be good to see the whole troupe again. Is this all on Disney+?

    Is that you Candice is shooting at?

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    1. It was a rough start I have to admit.
      I enjoyed the scenes that were happening back stage much more than any of the skits. I’m hoping S2 has some bigger stars and a wider variety of skits. We’ll see.

      I am watching these on dvd, as I bought the first 3 seasons around christmas time. I will have to wait and see if S4 and 5 ever show up on disc. Because I’m not paying for disney+.

      Nah, I think it was her grandfather? maybe her husband? It’s hard to tell muppet ages 😉

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    1. Does that have the various sesame street characters as punk street gang characters?

      Once I’m done with everything directly muppet related I’m wondering about trying to search out some documentaries on them.

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