Currently Reading: The Innocence of Father Brown

Good grief Charlie Brown, here I go with yet ANOTHER mystery series. I’ve started a “Complete Works of GK Chesterton” and the Father Brown mysteries are packed into the beginning.

What’s nice is that each book is simply a collection of short stories about Father Brown. So far I am really liking this format.

38 thoughts on “Currently Reading: The Innocence of Father Brown

    1. If you’re going to insist on viewing my posts through the reader, well, you get everything you deserve. I believe we’ve had this discussion before about the unreliability of the wpreader.

      I had to go look up that reference but yep, I can see why you thought that. The other choices were from some of the tv shows and were even worse 🙂

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        1. Well, you know, like, dude, totally visit the site itself? Instead of clicking on the title of the post which brings it up in the reader, click the “visit” button that takes you to the post itself in a new tab (at least in chrome).

          For whatever reason, the wpreader doesn’t like quotes, commas and several other punctuation marks and chokes on them. Why? that is beyond me.

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    1. That does not surprise me.
      Even though I read them 2 decades ago, I’ve read 2 of Chesterton’s novels and remember that they were entertaining and engaging. And with this being short stories, I’m never stuck long if I come across a stinker 🙂

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    2. The TV series absolutely sucks. Talk about taking everything charming and profound about the stories and turning them into a boring story with stereotyped characters and cliched dialogue.

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      1. Thanks for the second heads up. What you describe is exactly what I was imagining it to be, so I’m wondering if I’ve seen a random episode at some point in my life? It would certainly explain why I never sought out the book versions…


  1. I read a few of them a while ago. I really enjoyed them and determined to read more Chesterton. Some of his short stories are very good. As Piotrek and you mentioned. Also The Club of Queer Trades.


    1. I hope so. We’ll have to see how “catholic” Chesterton was in writing these. He was a convert to catholicism and since I’m one to adventism, we’re kind of on opposite sides of the Christian spectrum 🙂

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  2. Love Chesterton and love, love, love Father Brown. I believe I have just about everything Chesterton wrote. He can make your mind spin, but it is really enlightening and thought provoking.

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    1. With this umpteen warning, now I shall avoid ALL temptation to “just check it out” in regards to the tv show.

      Being a relative Chesterton newb, any of his books in particular that you enjoyed? While I suspect the Father Brown mysteries will take up the rest of the year, I’ve still got all the others to look forward to in the coming years.

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      1. I liked The Man Who Was Thursday. It’s bizarre but fun; I’ve read it three times now and I feel like I’m getting a handle on what Chesterton is trying to convey. You might like The Club of Queer Trades …. I really enjoyed that one. I’ve read his Orthodoxy but it went somewhat over my head. Also all of the Father Brown mysteries (they’re somewhat different … mysteries with something to say which I like), The Man Who Knew Too Much and some of What’s Wrong With the World. Oh, and some of his essays which are usually excellent. I still have lots of Chesterton to go though. I find Chesterton tough. He’s an intellect but if one does some brainwork to figure him out it’s more than well worth the effort.

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    1. I’m still outdoors all the time, but I’ve got a book in my bookbag that I’m slowly working through. I didn’t do much reading during the winter because lunch was spent in the van warming up. Now that spring is supposedly here I’m hoping to do a bit more. Slow going though.

      It’s over 20 years old but so far still holds up very well. I’m hoping to finish it by years end.


    1. I believe so. And if you read everyone else’s comments, the tv show seems to be universally disliked 🙂
      Did you watch the tv show? I haven’t but after all the comments I’m not going to

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                  1. Yeah man, I am enjoying it at the moment. Its not super hard, but in the last two weeks I have had to do three corona screenings as there have been an outbreak of sorts. the people there are not giving two shits about wearing masks and general hygene, it is also impossible to keep distance when you have to unload a 9 meter container with heavy outdoor furniture. I am getting tested again on monday. so far I kinda feel that I might be immune…

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