Currently Reading: Requiem for Medusa

I have chosen the Tyrus Rechs trilogy for my next Galaxy’s Edge read. I believe the official designation is “Galaxy’s Edge: Tyrus Rechs: Contracts & Terminations“. Phhhtttt, who’s going to remember ALL that? I’m shortening it to Galaxy’s Edge: Tyrus Rechs. SO MUCH EASIER!!!

I’m about 25% in and am almost literally dancing and bouncing around with happiness. This is awesome! I am so happy to not be disappointed.

31 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Requiem for Medusa

    1. Ok, THAT is wicked weird. I just looked at my post in the reader and sho’ nuff, the quotes are double commas. But when you visit the post itself, they’re quotes.
      Sometimes I despair of wordpress doing an actual good job


                1. They do.
                  Where are you not seeing that? I use the quotes for the “official” title and no quote marks for what I’m calling it. Do you see something different?


                    1. I think your comments here quite adequately represent you.
                      What I would like is for the guy who writes your blog to start commenting again. This new guy you have commenting? He’s exhausting to deal with. Feels like dealing with a rebellious teen with an attitude.


                    2. I didn’t fix anything. That was YOUR problem for using the reader instead of actually visiting my site. Next time, do it right.

                      As for the two colons, that IS correct. If you were more widely read, you ‘d know that.

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