Project X – B

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


I like bananas. Almost as much as apples in fact. Bananas make a fantastic breakfast for someone who isn’t a breakfast person. Sweet, easy on the stomach and not filling or weighing you down, bananas are God’s gift to those who get up early and take a while to get going.


Those frakking bots, especially the spanisho ones! While I’ve obviously ranted about bots before, I’d just like to take a minute and think some horribly nasty thoughts towards the people who created them ….. there, nasty thoughts thought. Mission Accomplished! Feel free in joining me after this post in burning those people at the stake!

And thus today’s tutorial on the Letter B is complete. Stay tuned for our next thrilling episode, featuring a Mystery Letter that you’ll never C coming! Same bat channel, same bat time!

61 thoughts on “Project X – B

  1. Not sure about bananas for breakfast Booky, as I’m a devotee of brussels pate flavoured with caramelised onions as you know, bu they’re a fab on-the-go snack. I’ve managed to thwart the spanish bots, used to get 20,000 a day and now NONE! I’m winning at bot-killing!

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    1. That’s ok fraggle, not everyone has the refined and culturally sensitive palate that I do 😀

      Since I’ve made the move to dotcom, they have disappeared from my site. Just goes to show that WP “could” take care of them for the free people too if they wanted.

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    1. Shhhhhhhh! Don’t spoil it for everyone else!

      I concur. These really deep and heartfelt conversations are what connect us as bloggers. Now, if you could just watch a movie where Jack the Ripper offs someone with a banana shiv, then we’d be all set.

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                    1. I thought you’d already mailed him his head on your latest post?
                      Geez, did you use some cheap courier and they lost it? You do not have a good track record. First you lose my severed head, now Alex’s? You’re going to lose your own before you know it….

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                    2. Way to be green. Recycling other peoples’ heads is the quickest way to get them to stop polluting the world with their bodily functions! I highly applaud your forward thinkingness. I might have to get on board myself. Green Jihad!

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                    3. If I was dr Seuss I could write you a lovely story about it too. Well, we all have to live with disappointments in our lives.
                      I’m disappointed that I don’t get free pizza every day…

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      1. They are gonna be, we ordered in tonight as our water heater broke down a few days ago. We luckily now have a new one installed so we finally have working hot water again🥳. I like the odd waffle aswel but havent had it in quite a while now, no thanks to corona.

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          1. Both, but we’ve been having trouble with it for a while now. Basically spent two the last day and a half having cold showers, but thats all over now. We found out that the geyser/water heaters needs to be replaced every 18 years, ours was over 20 so it was bound to go of. At least to no expense for us. Apart from not having a hot showere for two days

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  2. I just cleared my comments spam log. Full of bots thanking me for my ‘thoughtful insight into this very sensitive topic’ and assuring me they would ‘keep a close eye on further developments I discover’ … who would have guessed that a Book Haul post could be classed as a ‘sensitive topic’ 🤷‍♂️

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    1. Oh man 😀
      I check my spam folder on a daily basis but thankfully, since I went dotcom the spanisho bots have disappeared and the kind you mention have dwindled to a mere handful a week.

      It makes me wonder what the point of them even is?


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