Currently Reading & Quote: The Diamond Throne

Sparhawk shook his head. ‘Just a bath and a warm bed.’ He turned to his horse, who stood dozing with one hind leg cocked slightly so that his hoof rested on its tip. ‘Wake up, Faran,’ he told the animal.

Faran opened his eyes and gave him a flat, unfriendly stare.

‘Go with this knight,’ Sparhawk instructed firmly. ‘Don’t try to bite him, or kick him, or pin him against the side of the stall with your rump – and don’t step on his feet, either.’

The big roan briefly laid back his ears and then sighed.

~Chapter 1

Hahahahahahaa! Ahhhhhh, how can you not love that? Of course, that is about the third time that the word “flat” or “flatly” has been used and it’s only chapter 1. I’d forgotten that aspect of this trilogy.

33 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Quote: The Diamond Throne

    1. Obviously, you are not an equine expert like some people around here! (I’m referring to myself, just in case that was too subtle for you).

      In this fantasy land, horse’s feet are diamond shaped, hence the name of the book. So of course a hoof has a tip…


        1. If you actually were an equine expert, you wouldn’t have undamned that river. Every REAL expert knows that horses need to drown to metamorphise into their true unicorn form, duh….

          Dude, this is a fantasy book. The horses’ feet can be whatever shape the author wants them to be. THey could be like curly fries if he wanted. Stop trying to a backseat author….


            1. Didn’t take you long to discover one of the dirty little secrets about Eddings that fans have tried to suppress for decades. Before his passing, he came out as a brony. There was much shame and wailing and gnashing of teeth at that time….


    1. Hahahahaa! I like Sparhawk over Mandorallen because Sparhawk has a tiny bit more humanity in him than Mandorallen, even while I like the Belgariad better than the Elenium 🙂


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