#Stopthestealing Me Lucky Charms!

It has come to my attention that there are Leprechauns among us, trying to steal our Lucky Charms.

I am here to assert my rights to defend my Lucky Charms with Maximum Force.

If Steven Seagal won’t protect our National Treasure, then it falls upon my shoulders to bear this burden. My fingers are on the big red button, don’t think I won’t do it. If Lucky the Leprechaun keeps on assaulting the sovereignty of my cereal bowl, there will be deadly repercussions!


72 thoughts on “#Stopthestealing Me Lucky Charms!

    1. Our investigations are ongoing but we do have a suspect in custody.
      All I can say to the press right now is that we never would have caught him if the time space continuum hadn’t broken at his blog.

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  1. I’m afraid it just comes with having anything sweet that other people want. There’s that Rabbit that always wants some Trix, not knowing that they’re for kids. Or people trying to lay a finger on Bart’s Butterfinger. Or Chester Cheetah’s cool turning to drool whenever he spies some Cheetos. You have to be master of your own bowl and fight off these scavengers.

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      1. There are security measures that can be put in place. The Cap’n installed a sound alarm system so that no one could get away with the crunch because the crunch always gave them away. That sort of thing.

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                1. Fighting off ravening hordes of teeth that want to devour my cereal bowl isn’t prejudice, it’s common sense.
                  Since Seagal might eat my cereal too, I guess I’m left to guarding my own cereal bowl.

                  What kind of world do we live in when a man has to guard his own cereal bowl?
                  *shakes head sadly*

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                    1. What part of chartreuse card googleplex banned infinity don’t you understand?

                      Your assistant brought me the wrong cereal and then tried to eat it anyway. I’m thinking an invasion is the only way to solve this issue.

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                    2. You seriously think you can say that to me, on my own blog and that ANYONE will take you seriously?
                      I am the God Emperor of Mars for goodness sake.

                      your continued misspelling of bunTy is pretty embarrassing. You know it’s bad when the american outspells the scotsman….

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  2. Quotes hubby: ‘*puts hand to ear* Did I hear something? I thought I heard a desperate call for help? No, must have been the wind…’

    That’s because the post was full of hot air and I see you’re eating that for breakfast. Is it magically delicious? *waggles eyebrows*

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  3. I saw this juha running with Bart’s Butterfinger. I know ol’10 sent it over, waving that buttery Butterfinger all over, try to get me worked up. It’s okay, those little scallywaggers will be sent to the Haunt Gauntlet with the other trevios!

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      1. Well, if he could lay the Butterfinger perfectly set in a bath of surrounding fluffy snow and make the wrapper play Jingle Bells then I MIGHT bite. But, until the offer to sell out becomes more than I can turn down, it’s a HECK NO WE WON’T GO!

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            1. I have not checked to be honest. I have found that whenever I follow you, I end up with 2 sites on my “people I am following” list. But when I unfollow one, they both get unfollowed. It’s pretty weird. At some point I’ll get around to figuring something out.

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  4. I have zero idea what’s going on here, but I have a fiery dislike for Steven Seagall … so I’m confused and silently raging at the unbelievable ‘oh look, terrorists are attacking our restaurant. Gee whiz, it sure is lucky our pastry chef just happens to be an ex navy seal who can punch through iron and catch bullets with his teeth’ style plots that guy goes with 😂

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    1. We don’t have any idea either. This is all just nonsense that ends up spilling over from Ol’10’s blog, mine, Fraggle’s and sometimes Alex’s. Over several days to boot. Think of it as group insanity 😉

      As for Seagal, I’ve only seen one or two of his later movies where he was fat and you could kind of see the action star he’d used to be. never seen his earlier stuff 🙂

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      1. Oh he definitely DID NOT. I remember seeing a pic of him a few years ago and even then he’d already kind of let himself go.

        Man, him and Jean Claude Van Damme were like my 90s martial arts heroes. He’s also another actor I hadn’t thought about in ages, but compared to Seagal he’s stayed rugged a bit better.

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    1. This was just one of those posts where I was feeling super silly and had to let it out. Alex had been writing up reviews for the Leprechaun movie franchise and he and Ol’10 had been going back and forth on Ol’10’s blog and so it all just kind of “happened”.

      I would be very concerned for you if it DID make sense, hahahaaaha 🙂


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