#6Degrees – Hamnet to …..

This month we are starting with Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell. Apparently, it was the winner of the 2020 Women’s Prize for Fiction. Good for it :-/

I am getting fething sick of these starting books. The creators seem to be under the impression that everyone who does this is a woman. Hey Jackasses, men blog too! So feth this book and feth this author.

This book, the Younger Gods, pretty much got the same reaction from me. It was the last book, that I’m aware of, that Eddings wrote and it was complete trash. Just UGH. I’d give it an old “frak” though instead of a “feth”.

Not everything by Eddings was trash. The Diamond Throne, book one of the Elenium, was a favorite of mine in my teens and 20’s. I’m actually planning on re-reading it this year to see how it has held up. The main character Sparhawk, is a middle aged, tired and worn out knight. But he does his duty.

Another man who is also a tired knight is (Ben) Kenobi. He’s gone through too much to stay General Kenobi and becomes crazy Old Ben. He has to have faith that the next Generation will be able to save them all and simply wait. Brutal.

Sometimes the next generation is even worse. In The Dark Glory War, the book ends with everyone realizing that the current crop of heroes are going to be the next generation of villains. How’s THAT for a kick in the pants?

For me, as an American citizen, the ultimate kick in the pants would be if we were ever to be nuked. This happens in Dale Brown’s Act of War. Thankfully, the rest of the book was “flufferific”. Men of firm resolve and action springing forward to defend their country. And Death to the Commie’s and Commie Pinko’s!

Despite his name, Daniel Pinkwater is no Commie Pinko! In fact, Pinkwater seems the kind of author who would be banned, hounded and generally censored by our new lizard overlords. Thankfully, with his 5 Novels already published, he’s pretty safe.

And that is how you go from Hamnet to 5 Novels.

If you’d like to participate in the #6degrees series of posts, head over to #6Degrees Meme to find out the starting point for each month. They’re not always punctual, so sometimes you have to wait until a week into the month. Personally, I’m going to do one more and if it’s another “chick” book, I’ll be done with this meme. This used to be fun but now I’m just annoyed and this blogging gig isn’t paying me nearly enough to put up with being annoyed.

35 thoughts on “#6Degrees – Hamnet to …..

    1. If I hadn’t been so busy reacting I “might” have thought of your first point too.

      As for the second. I do prefer to read books by men. I won’t go out of my way to avoid a book by a women (and if one goes through my reviews, that is obvious), but I have found over the years that how men write and the style is more to my general taste.


    1. THAT would have been a great idea. Unfortunately, it isn’t. The society the story takes place in uses masks to denote rank, value, etc. The book ends with the main character’s father tearing his (the main character’s) mask off and pretty much disowning him. At a public ball or something where the MC had brought warning of a huge threat coming their way. So instead of being the hero of the society (like he should have been), he was now an outcast.

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        1. Exactly. Movies don’t take the effort that a book does.

          And it can be frustrating. But there are the other times where the sublime just hits you between the eyes and you wonder why anyone would ever have any other hobby?

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          1. Made a resolute toon to read more this year. I had to main line novels at a page a minute for years, or read bestsellers in a single night, and it burned something out about the reading process that I’d like to get back. Won’t be with this book, though, sounds like a right load of old cobblers.

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            1. Why did you have to read at such a clip? I’m not surprised you burned out at that rate. To be honest, I’m surprised it didn’t completely and utterly burn you out.

              yeah, Dark Glory War is best left to the teens and 20somethings.

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                1. Did it put hair on your chest? That’s the only Official “make a man out of you” thing that I recognize. Besides gargling with razorblades I mean.

                  I bet I could keep up that pace for a week or so, but that would be about it. Then I’d take your trajectory and just tank it.

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                1. We’re going to have to agree to disagree on that then. I, and most others, consider the Belgariad to be his best work. So if that’s your reaction, then you know not to try ANY of his other works.

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                    1. Oh my hart just couldnt bare the thought of us parting on such a disagreement. Phew, dodged a bullet there. Have i told you that i still take credit for you swearing in Warhammer?🙂

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  1. Although yeah some of the starting books weren’t great (tho wasn’t the previous one a wildcard and before that it was turn of the screw?), I’m not sure if I’d describe Hamnet as a chick’s book (I haven’t read it though, but have seen it on both man and woman’s bookshelves)… are men not allowed to read books by women? Or about women? I mean, The Song of Achilles also won the Women’s Price… does that make greek mythology a chicks thing?
    I donno, just don’t see the point of gendering books I guess. Shouldn’t people just read what they want, regardless of gender?

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  2. I was recommended a book called ‘The Boy Crisis’
    I’ve not read a vast amount of it because it’s not for reviewing purposes, but it goes a long way into talking about the issues that boys and men are facing in todays society – just a thought on your women statements in this post.

    I didn’t realise there was a ‘Womans Prize for fiction’ do men have an exclusive award category?

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    1. I think I’ve heard of that book. And I’ve also seen others like it. Warning about the consequences of emasculating men on a societal level.

      I am not aware of any “men’s only” award. But I’m also not big on awards so my knowledge is very limited.


    1. I hope you DO talk about this in a post. And prepare for the inevitable backlash I’m sure you’ll get. Or a deafening silence 😀

      Most of the men I follow I “think” are at least in their 30’s, even if barely. Most of the guys I check out who are in their teens or early 20’s, I can’t tell that they are men at all. YA girly books every where and general repeating of the cultural norms espoused amongst the Woke.

      Part of that I know is that it takes a guy with at least a certain sensitivity to blog and they are more prone to being aware and of the Woke issues. While I don’t follow him, I’d rather have 100 Music Monday Drew’s than not. He is fully aware of his emotions as a man but you’d never mistake him for anything but a man.

      And I think I’ve said enough.



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