Currently Reading & Quote: Transfer of Power

How they felt back at Langley would be a different matter, entirely. Rapp had known this before he stepped out of the stash room with Adams some seventy minutes ago, but that was just tough shit. There were too many people sticking their fingers in the pie. This thing needed to be streamlined, and someone needed to take action. Sitting around and playing cautious was not in Rapp’s nature, especially where Aziz was concerned. Rapp knew whom he was dealing with, he knew what Aziz was up to, and if nobody else could figure it out, to hell with them. This was not one of those moments in life where disagreement was acceptable. This wasn’t a policy decision where it was difficult to quantify the benefits of one course over the other. This was black and white. Rapp knew what had to be done, and everyone else could kiss his ass if they weren’t on board.
~Page 335

Now that is what I’m talking about! I am going to enjoy this character.

My last literary encounter with a Secret Service’y agent (I’m ignoring the Delta Force series for this post) was the Scott Harvath series by Brad Thor. I dnf’d the 4th book, Blowback, because Harvath was an insufferable, arrogant asshat. While Rapp has that potential, so far he’s not been a jerk even once. He’s been competent and qualified and not afraid to stand up to political idiots. He’s the kind of character that makes me want to stand up and go “Rah, rah, rah”.

71 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Quote: Transfer of Power

        1. I was specially trained at one of Quaddaffi’s camps. Then Yasser Arafat himself took me through a crash course. You should have seen that fat man rolling around. He could move!

          Of course, I was a plant the whole time and tagged them both for later teams. I’m actually part of the Alphabet Group here in the States. The ultra mega top secret fighting force.

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                1. The Alphabet Group is always looking to expand! Great employment opportunities, chance to grow into the person you always wanted to be, paid vacation time, 301K (times ARE tough after all) and even optional health and dental. Flexible hours means you can choose WHEN you want to work.


                    1. See, that’s the kind of pro-active thinking we need in the Alphabet Group! You’re going to go far, I can tell.
                      You might even get all the way up to being General Y.


                    2. Ahh, so it was YOU who we need to blame for the H3 shortage then.
                      Well, I think you just became Villain #1. Alex is getting booted way down the list then.


                    3. Thank you for your interest in the Super Ultra Mega Top Secret Alphabet Group. We hope you’ll come again and look forward to filling your top secret moonbase needs.


                    1. Well, if “diversity” is going to be forced on us, then I’m sure we can find a place for Leps too! It’ll make infilitrating Alex’s Fortress of Evil that much easier.

                      You have to print your own t-shirts. Budget cuts, you know.

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                    2. Well, my work is done, you stand contaminated by the anarchist sentiments from your own filthy mouth…it’s not about the 100k, it’s about doing society a favour and keeping the link of you and your anarchist pal Mitch off the streets…

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                    3. Dammit that thing with the out of place comments is happening again. The mega top secret alphabet group has been infiltrated by the Ol’10 not so secret comment misplacement group. We’re doomed.

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                    1. Email with secret decoder ring is on its way!
                      Of course, I had to print out the email and send it through the postal system, but it’ll get to you eventually. Someday. Maybe….

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      1. Tablet at the minute, will check it out on the Big Mac later to see if it’s the same. I’m looking at the thread now and my last comment is a standalone but should have been a reply to your ‘ok I don’t know what you’re seeing comment’. It might be my psychic force field playing up. Everyone else’s comments seems fine.

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  1. Well I checked it all out on the Big Mac, and through both the reader and your actual site, no difference, some comments are out of place but I think it’s down to the timing, if I reply to a comment and there’s been other comments in the mean time, my comment goes after those even if I reply to a comment further back.

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    1. Thanks for checking Fraggle. I guess it’s just down to the vagaries of the WP comment system. And since it’s happening on Ol’10’s site as well, and he has a paid plan, not even that is going to straighten it out.
      Well, now we all know for sure.

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    1. Nope, it’s all on WP. They’ve put as much effort into their comments as they have into their block editor. Which means it is a total crap shoot if anything will do its job properly.

      Not my fault. Blame Biden.

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