#Music Monday – ♪Dark Sky Island♪

I am not a big music fan. I do try to do a couple of #MusicMonday posts a year just to keep that “Music” category from collecting too much dust.

Dark Sky Island is Enya’s latest album, from back in 2015. All her fans have given up ever trying to get her to release anything even semi-quick, so considering there is still no news of a new album in ’21 comes as no surprise to any of us. We just keep on listening to what she has released.

This youtube embed has several of the “official” music vidoes. I recommend just listening though. Next to Amethystium, Enya is my favorite musical artist. And that should do it for 6 months for music and me.

26 thoughts on “#Music Monday – ♪Dark Sky Island♪

  1. Im covering a band today that had their first album available in Christian shops… men of faith can do good music. Also I love Enya, i did not get to listen to this album before thanks for the share

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  2. I can vouch for Enya. Excellanto, peaceful stuff, here Mr. Bookstooge, instilling a vibration only a mother or a father or a son or a daughter could love, heck splecks, even a cousin . . . and that’s hardly a bad voucher, but a great one at that!

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  3. Big Enya fan here… Hers is my go-to music when I want to relax with a good book, and it’s a real pity that she has not published anything new for so long. Now I’m going to check up on Amethystium because that’s the first time I heard that name – and having been quoted in conjunction with Enya, it piqued my curiosity… 🙂

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