Currently Reading: Wicked Bronze Ambition

I am only 15% into this and I am HATING it. Lots of “Ughhh, WHY did Cook do that?” kind of moments. Garrett is acting stupid beyond anything I’ve seen in the entire series. It feels like he’s permanently drunk in regards to his mental acuity here. It just isn’t like him.

This was written in 2013 and is apparently the last Garrett PI novel. So far, I can see why. Unless there is a miraculous turn around, this is going to be an ugly read.

52 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Wicked Bronze Ambition

                1. Sure. That’ll be 50 quid. What a deal!

                  While “I” may not be her biggest fan, I’m sure that somewhere, in his mountaintop retreat, Bookstoogevolta is boogying the night away to her disco releases…

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                    1. I’ve learned a lot since I de-carnated from Travolta.
                      It’s a amazing what clarity comes to you when the disco ball shines just right into your eyes. And those suitpants, forcing all the blood to your head? It’s like being Einstein every time you pu them on!

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                    2. I’ve always been partial to Ghost in the Typewriter. Her disdain for tech really shines through and I think her message of returning to a simpler, more brutal time is refreshing.

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                    3. That would be in my top 5, although I wish Billy Joel’s duet was better produced. I liked Psychic Grandma’s Party Album, where she mixed her Luddite sympathies with some hard house ompah beats. Slamming!

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    1. In a word, yes.
      This is the final book in the series and I’m in it to the utter end.

      For all my talk and yelling about dnf’ing and telling everyone else they need to dnf more, I have a VERY hard time doing it. Because what if *fill in your reason for today* and at heart I’m a completionist.

      I am getting to the point where it is easier to drop a series than a particular book. So I’m still accomplishing my goal of not wasting my time, but on a slightly longer term scale? That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

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