My Current Reading Rotation

At the beginning of each year I like to list out the current reading rotation I have on my kindle. I used to do it to give everyone a vague sense of what is coming up. Now that I’m doing a lot more of my Currently Reading posts, that part of it isn’t strictly necessary. So without further ado, here’s my current reading list.

  • Non-Fiction
  • The Scorched Continent – Megan O’Keefe
  • Max Brand Omnibus
  • Delta Force – Dalton Fury
  • Magic and Malice – Patricia Wrede
  • Wheel of Time – Robert Jordan
  • Misc – 6 books by various authors
  • Galaxy’s Edge – Jason Anspach & Nick Cole
  • Mitch Rapp – Vince Flynn
  • Saint Tommy, NYPD – Declan Finn
  • A Very Short Introduction – various
  • Dickens
  • Gaunt’s Ghosts – Dan Abnett
  • Charles Williams – 4 novels
  • The Elenium – David Eddings
  • The Complete Shakespeare – still slogging through!
  • Lord Peter Wimsey – Dorothy Sayers
  • The New Evidences That Demand a Verdict – Josh McDowell (nonfiction that I’m reading at work. Hardcover)

And that is that. I’m getting close to finishing up Dickens, so I’ll be replacing him with something from my Calibre pile. Delta Force and Magic n Malice both have only one book to go and Scorched Continent has 2. So there should be some good turnover in the next 1-3 months.


41 thoughts on “My Current Reading Rotation

    1. I definitely try to read more off the beaten path. It’s really hard when I have to read 67 reviews for the same netgalley book 😉
      So I choose not to take part in that….


    1. 😀
      Yeah, this type of reading is very specific to me. I don’t even bother to try anymore to get anyone else to do it, because no one else that I know of has made it work for them. But man, does it work for me! 4-5 years of no reading slump is the result 😀 😀 😀

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  1. Rotation is a great idea! I’m not as methodical as you, but I try not to read two similar books in a row – unless I’m really engrossed in a series.

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          1. Goodreads states that the series consists of 15 primary works, but 44 books in total. It is probably counting bindups and re issues into that total. I believe it ends with Anarch which came out in 2019.

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    1. I do think the Belgariad is his best work. I’ve always had a softspot for the Elenium because it deals with a Knight from the get go.

      stupid WP. no emails as of 5:30pm. I think I’ll have to go back to manually clicking on “email comments to me”.

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  2. Which Charles Williams novels are you going to read? I have a couple of his but I haven’t tried him yet. He’s supposed to be somewhat odd. Or perhaps I should say his writing ***snicker*** I just bought a complete Lord Peter Wimsey novel books. I can’t wait to get to it.

    It’s interesting to learn about how others approach their reading. Thanks for the look in!

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    1. I have:
      The Place of the Lion
      The Greater Trumps
      Descent into Hell
      Shadows of Ecstasy

      Based on my read of War in Heaven, I’m prepared to just roll with whatever he brings my way.


  3. I’m very much stuck in a non fiction mode at the moment so I’m just going with it for now and trying to read as many as I can! Mostly politics, biographies and real life events and disasters will be the order of business!

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    1. I think my desire to read less well known stuff was an unconscious nudge way back when, but now? It is definitely a conscious choice. I can’t cast a stone without hitting a New, Right Now review of the Latest Book RAAAAAHHHH from 57 different reviewers. It’s unpleasant as a reader to see 5+ people I follow ALL review the same book in a matter of 2 weeks.
      So I don’t subject anyone who follows me to that. Plus, my decision to not read a series anymore until it is finished means I’m anywhere from 2-5 years behind the curve 😉
      Which gives time for the chaff to blow away and the wheat to remain.

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