Poll: Which Book Give-Away?

I’m planning out some stuff for February already and have decided to do a book give away February 7th. But this time I’d like some input. Which series would you be interested in? Each series is complete and they are in hardcover. Let me know with your vote.

Each picture should be clickable for a larger version.

44 thoughts on “Poll: Which Book Give-Away?

          1. The kind that makes you question everything because it’s not hardly enough. Now, we have upheavals and book clubs in the form of comedic blogs and stabs at proverbial archetechs ( yes, I just made a new word. we just need to find out how to get it in the dichtionary ).

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              1. Not even if it is in Francis Grose’s 1811 “Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue”?

                There are a lot of words there that, if not in common use nowadays, certainly ought to be

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                1. Nope, not even then. I have a strict “Get thee behind me, new word!” policy. So get thee off the invisible web and beginnest thou to type on ye old calculating machine! Forsooth!


      1. If I wanted to take part in this I’d opt for Tad at least i think. Never went for a book by an author I know nothing of, apart from when I saw the cover for Bonehunters which I later discovered was book how many in the Malazan series…

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      2. Katherine Kurtz’ Deryni books are awesome! I think she said at one point years ago the characters just stopped speaking to her, so the series was over. Lian Hearne has a relatively new series going, which starts with Emperor of the Eight Islands: Book 1 in the Tale of Shikanoko

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    1. They should all be clickable for larger pix.
      But you are correct. Those are Darryl K Sweet covers and I believe he might have had a hand in either the covers for some of the Prydain books (they had several releases) or he might have been involved with the disney cartoon movie….


      1. Maybe I will try and see if I can fetch it up. Also, I see that you are giving away 5 books of that saga, but I see that the Italian version is a trology; do you think that two of the books weren’t translated or they fused them in 3 books?

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    1. I’m only aware of shipping due to our reliance on buying “stuff” through amazon. Forget 2 day shipping anymore, even with Prime AND their own fleet of incompetent delivery people.
      When stuff does go through usps it takes longer. or it gets stuck at certain centers (ie, California) muuuuuuch longer.

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