87 thoughts on “Christmas Book Catch – Dune: Deluxe Edition

    1. No, it is just Dune. Hang on, let me see what makes this deluxe.
      Ok, from amazon:
      This deluxe hardcover edition of Dune includes:
      · An iconic new cover
      · Stained edges and fully illustrated endpapers
      · A beautifully designed poster on the interior of the jacket
      · A redesigned world map of Dune
      · An updated Introduction by Brian Herbert

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        1. I too would love to see something like that. I just don’t understand why Disney doesn’t make more use of the Muppets. I mean, you can’t even buy the entire tv show on dvd because it was never completely released (I’m only aware of seasons 1-3 being released) and forget about bluray.
          I can totally see Miss Piggy as Chany, as a fremen. Very much the warrior woman…

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    1. That cover is what caught my eye first off. Since I don’t have a first edition or any other “special” hardcover, I figured this would do nicely 😀

      By all three, do you mean Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune? Or the 6 book Dune Chronicles chunked up somehow?

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            1. Well, I heard that they changed Dr Kynes to a woman to make it more “diverse”, so my expectations are at zero.
              That’s the problem with really loving a book. Any changes are anathema, but ones you disagree with on a deeper level, well, that is just bad.

              I suspect it will do well though. As long as Sting doesn’t show up and strut around 😀

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  1. Man, that one seems daunting for some reason. It’s going to be great though, I’ll bet. Can’t wait for the show ( sometimes it needed for me as a primer with complex stories ). I hope it works out for you. 🤠

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    1. Dune is probably Herberts most popular and accessible book.
      It also stands on its own quite well, so if you like how it ends, you don’t have to try to get through any of the others.

      If you like the movie (once it comes out) and then like the book, I’d recommend trying the SF Channel’s miniseries and the 1984 movie by Lynch. Quite different adaptations but gives you a real flavor feast, as it were.

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    1. It is on my List of 100 Books, found here with a link to my review:

      I’ve chronicled that I’ve read it 3 times, but I know I read it multiple times in highschool and bibleschool, so we’re talking about 6+ times since the early 90’s?

      And even though there is a huge list of other Dune books, it really does stand on its own and you can satisfactorily read it as a standalone. Also, at just over 205K words/600 pages, it is not a huge commitment. At least 10% of that is a definition of terms, etc.

      SavageDave just read it for the first time this year and loved it. Here’s his review:

      All that can be summed up to say that I love Dune and highly recommend it to everyone, fans of SFF or not.


          1. Well, I got a confirm follow email, but WordPress doesn’t handle multi-login well at all and it throws an error message when I try to confirm with THE BUTTON. I’m a master button pusher. It’s what I DO. 😄🥳

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  2. Herbert’s masterpiece. I re-read it this year and also listened to a really good audiobook version. As you say, it can stand alone as a one-and-done story, which I think helps cement its genius. I read Dune Messiah this year and enjoyed it, although I found it very different to the original. I haven’t read Children yet. It’s on my list for next year. Gorgeous cover!

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        1. Good.
          Do be aware that his son, who I have dubbed Baby Herbert, is a failed writer and has lived his whole life in his father’s shadow. I don’t think he’s bitter, but I simply don’t trust anything he writes about his father.

          If you like Messiah, then the rest of the Chronicles will present no problems either 😀

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          1. Good to know! (On both accounts.) I think I’ve already decided to not pick up anything that the son and the other writer have done outside the main story. There are too many other series for me to waste my time on their imagined additions to the story.

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            1. To read the Dune 7 duology by Herbert&Anderson (where they finish the Dune Chronicles), and for it to make sense, you will need to have read the Legends of Dune trilogy. That consists of The Butlerian Jihad, The Machine Crusade & The Battle of Corrin.

              I don’t “think” anything else is really necessary. But Dune7 will make absolutely no sense without that foundation. Sadly 😦


                    1. Book 4, God Emperor is a good place to stop. Not quite as good as book 1, but Herbert meant to write a trilogy, a standalone and then another trilogy. So he got 6/7th’s of that done 😀

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  3. Cool! It’s that blue rimmed edition, right? Any chance for a picture of that jacket poster? I don’t get the mechanics of that.

    I’m so glad I bought a deluxe too, the Folio edition, there’s something to reading a book extremely well set, splendidly bound, on high quality paper…

    Coincidentally I rereading God Emperor right now, better than Messiah and Children so far, but I’m only 1/3rd in.

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    1. It is bluey/greeney rimmed. I’ll take a pix today and see about getting it to you. Basically, the inside of the dust jacket is just one big picture.

      The Folio edition is next but I have so many things I want as well. A Ruger carbine being one of them, and that sucker is pricy!!!!!

      I’ll be looking forward to your review of God Emperor 😀

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      1. No need for the picture, the mechanics are clear now, thanks. So you could take of the jacket and use that as a poster and read the naked book.

        I have zero knowledge of guns, but I’m interested why you want that brand specifically? What’s the decision chart on that?

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        1. You are correct about the jacket. That is how it “could” work. Since this isn’t a reading copy for me, the jacket is actually more important 😀

          I’ll try to keep this short about the gun.
          I have a 9mm pistol. I want something closer to a rifle for home defense but want a gun that uses the same 9mm ammo. There are no 9mm rifles, only carbines (which are short barreled rifles). So that is that decision tree.
          I had a .22 ruger rifle growing up to deal with squirrels and blackbirds around the house, so I am familiar with the ruger brand. I’ve looked at other 9mm carbines, which are about half the price and from what my sister tells me (she is a cop on a SWAT team) you get what you pay for. I want a gun I can shoot, clean and forget about. Which is what the ruger will do. So there is that decision chain 🙂


          1. Thanks for clearing that up! Are blackbirds considered a pest where you live? We only have the common blackbird here (Turdus merula), in abundance, but nobody would ever consider shooting one.

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            1. Not sure of the exact name of the species, but they’re carrion birds and are nothing but flying vermin. They also eat crops and are a general nuisance, just like the squirrels.

              I guess if you think of them as flying rats? That’s how we viewed and treated them.

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    1. I’m not a map person, so I’m not sure if previous editions have had them or not.
      I’m pretty sure Messiah or Children at least had a map of the city of Arrakis, but it looked like something drawn by a 10 year old 😀

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