The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992 Movie)

I reviewed the story/book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens back in ’13 and it is the basis for this movie. If you don’t know the basic premise of the story, please go read that or look it up on Wikipedia. This review will assume that the reader knows the basic plot to ACC.

First off, besides the Muppets, Michael Caine has the starring role as Ebenezer Scrooge. If a movie has Michael Caine in it, you know it’s going to be a good movie. While fringe nut job yobs might try to present evidence to the contrary, I simply ask my readers, who are you going to trust? Me, or some fringe nut job yob?
Michael Caine = you know you are getting a good movie.

On to the slightly more serious.

The singing. Muppets movies always have singing, whether the audience wants it or not. I’ve resigned myself to this fact and tried to not let it unduly influence me. Of course, just because Michael Caine is a good actor doesn’t mean he’s a good singer. He does take part in one song and I have to admit, he’s not terrible but I think things might have had a bit more glitz if they’d dubbed him over with Michael Jackson, who was still arguably the Prince of Pop in ’92. The message conveyed by the songs are as trite and shallow as you’d expect from a Disney production but really, if you read Dickens’ book, he’s not really that much deeper.
Oh yes, the Missing Song. In the theatres, there is an extra song that was subsequently cut out from all dvd/bluray releases. I personally didn’t miss it but if you’re a completionist, it is supposed to be included in the next “upgrade” to this movie. 4K I believe. Simply one more way for Disney to bend you over and make you think you like it. The picture below shows the type of propaganda Disney promulgates.

On to the good stuff.

If you are a fan of the Muppets and their zaniness, then this is a no-brainer to watch, even if Dickens isn’t your cup of tea. Between Fozziwig (a cute play on Fozzi’s name being used for that character) and his Rubber Chicken Factory to Gonzo playing Charles Dickens (and being distracted by every chicken that walks by) to Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy playing Bob & Mrs Cratchett, you get your fill. While a knowledge of the Muppets isn’t essential, knowing them as The Muppets gives an added dimension to the fun. An example would the single scene where Sam the Eagle is sending a young Scrooge off to his first place of business as an apprentice and rhapsodizes about the the beauty of business. Sam ends it with “…and that is the American Way!”. Gonzo whispers in his ear and Sam immediately says “…and that is the British Way!”. Which is really funny if you know that Sam is the proto-American Super Patriot as a Muppet.

The story proceeds at a rapid pace and almost feels like Scrooge changes for the sake of changing. However, this is in keeping with the original book and shouldn’t surprise anyone. Throw in that this movie was made for a juvenile audience and the pacing is perfectly in line with what out of touch Hollywood Directors think is appropriate for your child. Just don’t expect a deeply thoughtful, insightful and deeply philosophical movie and you should be just fine. You’re in this for the singing, dancing and laughs.

This gets a big fat thumbs up from me.

64 thoughts on “The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992 Movie)

  1. ‘Fringe nut-jobs yobs’? You’ll be hearing from my legal representatives in due course, a crease and desist is coming your way. And to think I actually bought a copy of Blame it on Rio yesterday, just to please you! I don’t have to come here to be insulted….

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    1. The older I get, the more creases I get. So get in line 😀

      First Rule of Blogging Club:
      Don’t talk about Blogging Club

      Second Rule of Blogging Club:
      Do it for yourself.

      Obviously, I never pay attention to Rule #1. But Rule #2 now? Now that’s a different matter. Michael Caine himself appeared to me in a vision with these Two Commandments, written in cheddar cheese.

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        1. But I didn’t describe you as a yob. I made sure to keep that individual’s identity a complete secret. Privacy and Complete Respect are Rules #3 and #4 of Blogging Club. Johnny Depp showed me those. On a plate of crackers.

          Makes me wonder if Depp and Caine are secretly caterers on the side…

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                    1. Right, I’m calling for the immediate withdrawal of the salacious and libelous comments clearly inferring negative characteristics about me. My legal reps will file suit as soon as they’ve overturned the election results, should be just a matter of time…

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                    2. If only that implication was as firm as the slanderous implications you have made about me, then I might have understood. You have sullied the good name of Michael Caine, and by implication, the muppets themselves. Good day, sir, slams door, bell tinkles, Rizzo looks into camera…

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  2. Your titration of silliness is what makes this post work. I am on a rant of reviewing reviews today, and I’ve also made a determination that this one gets a pass from John Wayne. Five stars out of five for Mr. Bookstooge’s review, here.

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    1. Reviewing reviews? That sounds like a path to madness 😀 Thanks for the high compliment though. John Wayne is definitely one of those Men.

      your name and picture show up but not a link to your site.

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      1. Yeah, I was in poking around with it now. Stabbed it more like it. You can click on my picture though, right? . . . we will see, one step at a time what is causing these problems, but this exercise is for another place at another time . . . a task for pinky and the brain . . .

        Good thing I bought another book about books yesterday! 🤠

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        1. I am currently reading your comment in the wordpress notification area. I can not click your picture there. Nor does your name have a link attached.
          Hang on and let me go check on my website and see what happens there.
          Ok, on my post I can click your picture which takes me to your gravatar which has a place for your site. Weird.

          I hope you enjoy the book. As a writer, I’m sure that the technical aspects are very important to you 😀

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  3. I loved this movie, though it’s been years since i’ve seen it. I like the song “There Goes Mr. Humbug,” especially the part where some do-gooder lady Muppets try to take a rehabilitative approach to Scrooge:”He must be so lonely, he must be so sad/He goes to extremes to convince us he’s bad/He’s really a victim of fear and of pride/Look close and there must be a sweet man inside??? …NAH!”

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  4. “Michael Caine = you know you are getting a good movie.” Pardon me for being direct, but DUH!

    Seriously, I *love* this movie, not only for Michael Caine and the Muppets, but for how he plays off of them. That man is a *genius*! Thank you for reviewing “The Muppet Christmas Carol.” It’s just what I needed to read! 😃

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        1. I have not seen that one. I’ve been looking at amazon and trying to figure out which one to buy. I’ve got Treasure Island and Muppet Caper.
          Thankfully, we’ve got amazon points so we can earn free stuff. For just such occasions as this 😀

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    1. I thought the Muppets did an excellent job of fitting themselves into the story. They slotted right in and it wasn’t even a tiny bit awkward. And yes, Caine was excellent here.


  5. I love this movie! Just watched it a couple days ago with our whole family.

    The last Christmas that my siblings and I were all home as young adults, my mom had gotten a Hallmark movie or two to watch (she loves them. I tolerate them.) We kids decided we’d rather see the Muppets, so we scoured video rental stores all over northern Nova Scotia to find it 🙂

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  6. “It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights, it’s time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight!”

    The muppets were a big part of my childhood. I loved the original show and its complete bonkers-ness. They also had some great guest stars, if memory serves me well. I’m planning to watch this on Christmas Eve. I watched the George C. Scott version last night and it was really, really good. Scott was magnificent, and I think they got the ghost-story side of it just right in that adaptation.

    I also watched Scrooged last weekend–the first time in years. It was better than I remembered, but I am a fan of Bill Murray. What are your thoughts on other adaptations? (Almost forgot, I’m listening to the audiobook on my commute to work. It’s a masterpiece, and I’m loving every minute. Your love of reading Dickens this year has rubbed off on me!)

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    1. I’ve not watched any other adaptations for decades. At some point I probably will though, as I like the story itself enough.

      I do like Bill Murray but I have not seen Scrooged. I’m not sure why. I’m guessing way back when that I heard someone mention something that I would have found objectionable and so never bothered.

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      1. Okay, that’s a terrible insult. Next I know you’ll accuse me of being a fan of Adam Sandler! Back at you, you rude person! Explain yourself and your hidden weakness for Adam Sandler! 😜

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        1. Just checking. The ONE thing Ol’10 and I disagree on, is about Chevy Chase. I hate him and he thinks he walks on water.

          And Sandler? He IS bad. Of the very few movies I’ve seen of his, I only liked Mr Deeds and even that was because of the associations with the original movie.

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  7. Recently learned via a Best Christmas movies video on YT that Caine wanted to be in a movie his young kids could watch. So not only is this a very professional Michael Caine, but also dad Michael Caine wanting his kids to see the best of him at work.

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