Book Catch: Fall Out

I tend not to do Book Hauls, because a Haul brings forth images of multiple *whatever the haul is of*. I’m more of the catch one and reel it in nowadays. Hence the Book Catch.

A couple of weeks ago Jenn at Eternal Bookcase did a review of a book called Fall Out. It was apparently one she’d inherited and when I mentioned in the comments that it looked interesting, she let me know she’d be willing to mail it to me.

And here it is! With a nice personalized note. Of course, if Jenn is in the international spy business I’ve probably just blown about 100 secret plans she had by revealing her hand writing to the world at large. Them’s the breaks I guess! *shoulder shrug*

Thanks Jenn!

26 thoughts on “Book Catch: Fall Out

  1. Oh no, my deepest darkest secret is out. I’d better go into hiding until no one remembers who I am.
    Failing that, wear nose-glasses as a disguise for the rest of my days!

    Glad that the book reached you safely and as said, look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book too.

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  2. Man, what a nice gesture! Enjoy. The hammerhead is jealous. 🤣 As you probably guessed ( don’t ask me what that is suppose to mean ), I can enjoy some good spy fiction.

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    1. A good code name is ESSENTIAL in a good spy book/movie.

      On a side note, while your name and picture come up in the comment, it isn’t clickable over to your site. At least, not in the wordpress notification area (where I’m replying from). I’ll check my actual post in a second.


      1. That is REALLY weird. It could be a clue about the comments problem . . . I’ll do some searching on that in a bit when I get done with my next potatoes post. 🧐

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