October ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Books – 12

Pages – 3662

Words – 1125K

Average Rating – 3.75

The Bad:

Cold Fire – 1 Star

The Master and Margarita – 1.5 stars

The Good:

Dombey and Son – 5 Stars

Yotsuba Vol’s 1 & 2 – 5 stars


Howl’s Moving Castle was a good movie without any scariness to bother me. I don’t care if it’s Halloween this month, no scariness for me!

Miscellaneous Posts:


This was a pretty good month overall. Reading wise, another out of the ballpark average! Unbelievable!!! Helps that Yotsuba is just about guaranteed to be 5 stars each read. Plus I had several other 5 star reads. The end of year has been pretty generous to me with all the 5stars I’ve been reading recently. Thankfully, the lower rated books have pretty much slid off my back like water and it’s not bothered me one bit. Used to be, a 1 star book would get me into the doldrums or downright depressed. With these, eh, whatever. I rather like that to be honest.

Of course, that week in the middle of the month with sickness, car problems and everything sucked the joy out of the month but both Mrs B and me are at the stage of life where we just put our heads down and keep on trucking, knowing things will get better. Or we’ll die, which is the best case scenario we could ask for!

The best performing post this month was the “When Do You Stop Following” post. That got a LOT of comments and warmed the cockles of my heart. The one I had the most fun writing was “Psychic Grandma & the T200”. I just let all the silly loose and it felt like the old days of blogging, back in my 20’s. You know, when I had a full head of hair, boundless energy and dreams of becoming the Emperor of Mars? Of course you don’t know that, none you read my blogs back then. And you can’t now either, because I’ve deleted them over the years, hahahahaa! I wouldn’t be the Mysterious Doctor Lord Bookstooge now would I?

Plans for Next Month:

Besides the usual #6degrees and movie, I’m hoping to do another crossover post with Masters of Ironing, to truly promote the art of Ironing. A true Master of Ironing doesn’t need an iron OR even know how to iron. Remember, There Is No Iron, Neo.

Also going to try to do some Currently Reading & Quote posts to talk about the books I’m reading in a non-review way. Sometimes it’s fun to just talk about a book WHILE you’re reading it.

Oh, I will probably start thinking about End of Year stuff. That stuff always takes me forever to get together and the sooner I start, the less I’ll have to deal with as New Years approaches.

Other than that, I’ll try to keep things unstructured so if I feel like writing something out of the blue, I can. Us creative types needs our space. So BACK OFF buster, and let me be creative! Or I’ll cry, I swear, I will. I’m warning you right now….

44 thoughts on “October ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. Looks like a great reading month to me! And happy to read that the week of sickness an sht didn’t get you guys down too much 😘 I like the idea of a currently reading post. I always really enjoyed writing them, but lately I couldn’t be bothered… think I’ll give it a go again in November as well

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    1. Thankfully, the last couple of months have been fantastic (I just realized, I’ve been using that word a lot online. not sure why) in terms of reading. I’m pretty thankful for that 😀

      I’m still sniffly, but not coughing or sneezing, so I guess I’m as healthy as I’m going to be for the winter.

      I’ve actually already written 3 “currently reading” posts. I just had fun with the idea and went a little overboard. I doubt I’ll keep up that pace for future months though. 😀

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  2. I’m impressed by both your reading and ironing skills, that are quite frankly next to none. But you already know that. 😀
    I haven’t read much this weekend, working keeping me busy and all (that and the several movies, animes, and K-dramas that I’ve watched lol😂). But I have a week off in november so I hope to get to some reading stuff then 😊
    Glad to hear that despite all the difficulties you keep on trucking! Hope November will be a great month for you, and of course looking forward to all the new posts!😀

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    1. Dude, I have an Ironing Masters post half-written for November that will blow your socks off. Please look forward to it 😉

      Isn’t it amazing (in a bad way though) how work can dictate how the rest of our life goes? Glad to hear you get a week off in November. I’ll have Thanksgiving off (the last thursday of the month) and hopefully take the friday off too for a long weekend.

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      1. Ooh! I can hardly stand the suspense! Even though it’s Halloween! 😂😂 Really looking forward to that post already!😊😊
        Yeah crazy aint’t it? The one good thing about this Covid crisis is the working home thing. If I didn’t have that, I would be looking at two hours travel time each day. Don’t think I could continue blogging then anymore…at least not in the current capacity anyways. But yeah, looking forward to that week off! 😊😊
        Your plan sounds good too! Hope you get that long weekend!😀

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    1. Not currently. Demi Moore is actually the Goddess Emperor at the moment. I was hoping if I made her Queen of Australia that she’d be more willing to cede me the title. So far though, no luck 😦

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            1. I just checked my address book and wouldn’t you know. I don’t have the zip code. Maybe that’s why she’s never replied to my letters about switching Mars and Australia. I have to believe it’s that and not that she’s not interested.

              But if you head for the moon, then take a sharp left, you should be ok. First planet you pass on your right. It’s kind of red and orangey, can’t miss it.


                1. Heck, if that will get her to trade Australia for Mars, I’ll try to do my best to sweeten the deal. The only thing that could make a GIJ movie better were if you can include Michael Caine in it.


                    1. * mind blown *

                      I think I’d better drink an energy drink so I can really process just how awesome this movie is going to be! I hate to be “that guy”, but what about if Mike shaves his head this time instead of Demi? She’s just too gorgeous to do that again. The diametrical image of that contrasted with the previous movie will be sure to thrill true movie aficianados.

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                    2. While I’m not a hippy, I do like long hair.

                      As for Caine, you’re probably right. Maybe he could do a training course, and fail, to show how powerful and completely in control GI Jane is supposed to be? I’m sure he’d love to be the butt of jokes for the entire movie.

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                    3. Michael Carter of Mars! I like it. Now we just have to make sure her spacesuit is appropriately “military” while still being a good fit for Demi, she’s gotta look good after all. None of that spacesuit stuff that Tom Hanks wears!

                      And Caine can wear a burlap sack, to show how stingy he is and that’s why GIJ must fight him, to liberate all the money he’s hiding.

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                    4. You know, lots of our ideas practically write themselves. The New Constitution, GI Jane 2: Space Cadet. Makes me wonder why we’re not more famous celebs than we already are? I guess we’re just too humble to brag. At least I am. I’m pretty much the picture of humility.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jenn. I like to keep my blog as steady as possible. If I could, I do a post every day. But I have found that the only way I could do that without burning out wordwise, is to descend to doing a bunch of “posts of the Day/Week” Once a month for that kind of thing I’m ok with, but not every week. I want to write original content, not regurgitated pap (and I’m afraid I’m showing my snobby blog colors there 😀 )


        1. I’m ok with up to half and half, but if I do go to a person’s site and see nothing but “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday” with nary an actual review I’m probably not going end up following that person.

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  3. It warms the cockles of my heart that I have brought ironing into your life and it is an existential happiness for you. I can die happily knowing my legacy will go on. Not that I’m dying right now, although technically I am as I haven’t quite mastered immortality. Yet.

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    1. Like I tell Mrs B, we’re all dying. It just takes longer for some 😉

      And you have definitely helped define the New Age of Ironing. I’ve never seen so many Ironing related posts and comments in my whole life.

      Glad to hear your heart has cockles too. You’d be surprised how many people don’t. I think it’s directly tied to intelligence and ambition.

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  4. “both Mrs B and me are at the stage of life where we just put our heads down and keep on trucking, knowing things will get better. Or we’ll die, which is the best case scenario we could ask for!”

    That’s the spirit! I love that. I know 2020 has been pretty crappy so far, but honestly keeping a positive attitude and finding the good in things have helped me remain pretty happy even through the ups and downs. Like you said, it could be so much worse 😀

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    1. In all honesty, outside of the initial lockdown and everyone running around like chickens with their heads cut off, our lives haven’t changed much. Besides church that is. That has changed a lot.

      We’ll have to see what this winter holds.


    1. This month’s is a wildcard, going from the book you ended on at your last 6degrees. I just did it yesterday, as I was in a writing mood. Managed to write out and schedule 3 or 4 posts for November 😀 So the pressure is off now.

      I read your post this morning and it sounds like last week wasn’t very fun. Hope you can relax yourself this week.


  5. A truly fantastic reading month from what I’ve been seeing. I’m glad you were able to surge back from that trash week you had to go through though. Those can be killer when you least expect it. A bit shocked that New Years is that much closer. I guess it’ll become much more real once election day passes as November turns into one of those “get ready for snow” months.

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    1. re: Snow. Ha I say, and again I say, “HA!”.
      It snowed here on Friday. We got almost 2 inches. On OCTOBER 30th. I hated it. Better not be like that for the rest of the winter..

      Unfortunately, I’m (mentally) preparing for post-election court cases no matter who wins. I think things are going to get really ugly 😦

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  6. Great post as always. Glad you are feeling better and good job on those psge turners. I might have missed a few posts in between, but ill get to them when i get to them. Thanks for sticking around my blog with all my inconsistent irregular postings. I appreciate all your interactions with me. Glad to have you you on my side of the bloggosphere👍🏻

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    1. Thanks.

      Honestly, the last couple of months I feel like I’ve really hit my stride in terms of blogging. Sure, I’ve had to take breaks or life is crap for a week or two, but it just feels like the blog has turned a corner, in a good way.

      That’s all in way of encouraging you to keep at it. Slow and steady and don’t give up 😀

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