Bookhype – Exceptional Or Execrable?

I recently joined Bookhype when a fellow wordpresser left WP because of the forsaken block editor. It seemed the best way to keep track of what she was still reading. I’m usually willing to experiment on new book sites just to see what they have to offer. Who knows, maybe I’ll find another Booklikes (well, it COULD happen). You can find me HERE.

I have to admit, it’s pretty limited. I can add all the data I want and even like and comment but the notification side of things is almost non-existent. There is no way to be notified if someone likes or comments on a review (at least not that I could find). You can import your devilreads export file (which is what I did to get all the books I’ve read this year quickly onto Bookhype) so they do realize most people don’t want to start from scratch.

They do have a cool looking “stats” page with all the graphics I could ask for. The problem is, I can’t save any of them as pictures to use on my own blog. I’d have to screen shot, edit and then faff about and with all that work, I might as well make my own graphics. So close and yet such a fail.

It seems to be very Twitter oriented. I’m not on Twitter and have no intention of joining that cesspit, so that isn’t a plus for me.

I’m going to keep using this until at least the end of year just to see how it shakes out. If they don’t get some sort of notification system for the likes and comments though, I don’t see myself staying there.

Have you used Bookhype? If you have, what’s your experience been like?

42 thoughts on “Bookhype – Exceptional Or Execrable?

    1. I think bookhype just launched this year, so I would be surprised if a lot of people had heard of them.

      I’ve been testing the waters with goodreads again, this year but not putting up any reviews. Devilreads isn’t trusted, what with their “we’ll censor anything, anytime for any reason and give you no recourse” attitude. It’s why I left back in ’13 😀


      1. They‘ve merged a couple of my reviews but never censored anything from me. I haven’t yet found a platform better suited to my requirements and I‘ll stay there and feed them my reviews and network.

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  1. I have honestly no intentions of joining other block platforms. I have gotten used to the new block editor now, and have little to no problems with it (doesn’t mean I like it though😂). But naw, I’m sticking to wordpress…I would be sad to all of a sudden give all this up, and I would miss too many things…like interacting with my fellow Iron Masters!😀😀

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    1. I “think” bookhype is more geared towards people looking for their next read to be suggested to them (like that’s a real problem for any serious book worm, right?), but am not sure. I just like trying out the various options I have available to me.

      Oh man, that tag. I created it the first time I had the block editor shoved down my throat. I still get upset just thinking about it and how it was handled. sigh…

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    1. And that’s kind of what I’m doing. I’ve tried the liking and commenting, MDB is there and active, but without any way to get some back and forth, what’s the point? I don’t want to be a bookworm in a vacuum…

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  2. I hadn’t heard of Bookhype before you mentioned it here. Not sure I’m interested either going on what you’ve said.
    I have now completely ditched Goodreads and use Story Graph. It’s still in beta, there are things I’d like to do with it but can’t, but having moved I am now just too irritated to try and find something that fits me better. Plus Story Graph has a nice clean look to it which sooths my soil somewhat… 😁

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      1. I don’t think you can comment (yet) but I don’t know if that’s something that is planned for future StoryGraph updates. I did notice that there’s the option to like updates, though since I only have one person I’m following on there so far I don’t know if you get notified about them.

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    1. I’ve got enough issues with devilreads that I’ll never post my reviews there anymore. Glad it works for you though.

      I joined LT as well and follow one or two people from my booklike’s days. Amazing how the daisy chain goes 😀


        1. Threatening to have my hands put in a blender, among other things. That wasn’t directly on Devildreads, but it happened there.

          But the biggest issue is the “reviews must be about the book” issue that they came up with in ’13. It sounds like a great idea, except it means they’re dictating what must be in a review and yet at the same time it is so vague that they can interpret it however they want. It opened things up to mob justice of “we don’t like Review X, ban it, it’s not on topic”. The biggest issue is that it wasn’t like that before. They were YOUR reviews and you could put in them whatever you wanted (that didnt violate TOS). But they changed the tos without telling people and made things so arbitrary.


  3. I think I’ll stay on WP despite the execrable new editor (I spent ages trying to align the Two-Shot post we did with Piotrek today). I’m happy with GR for now, though I don’t comment there much – this I do only here 😀

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  4. This is the first I’ve heard of Bookhype and while it looks easy on the eyes, I can understand it still needs to go through some… growing pains – still, I’m happy with WordPress and getting on better terms (i.e. armed truce 😀 ) with the new editor, so between this and Library Thing for my “storage” I’m not looking for any other venue. Still, it’s interesting to learn about new possibilities…

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  5. Blogger is just getting me down with non stop issues, something different every day it seems. You solve one and *bam* another issue pops up. I want to keep using my blog but it’s draining me at the moment. There seems to be no host or book site that doesn’t have something lacking.

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    1. Once this year is done, I suspect I’ll stop cross posting at devilreads and bookhype and go back to the trifecta of wordpress, blogger and librarything, plus my offline calibre library. Even blogger is on the plate though, as with their new changes, I have to do as much work massaging what I wrote in Openoffice to work there as I do here at WP.

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  6. Have to say that I commend you on trying other sites and giving feedback here. Ive had my issues with the block editor, but I am getting into a sort of rythm with it now. If my post dont do well I wont be too beat up about it anymore, this year has been bad enough to make a fuss about how it all looks…. Thank yo for sharing your thoughts on book hype. I’ll pass…

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    1. I think familiarity will help with the block editor. As long as they don’t keep changing things (which they have by the way. grrrrr!)

      Without some communication tools, bookhype isn’t going to be for me either. I’ll be dropping it at the new years.


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