Why I’m Working on the Blog

When I’ve posted about the fact that I am Working on the Blog, I didn’t think of some of the smaller reasons that have recently come to my attention. The following is one of the unexpected benefits of doing this fiddly kind of work.

I keep my reviews in a program on my computer called Calibre. It’s an ebook manager but has the capability of being a database for reviews. Instead of just using a spreadsheet, I use calibre so I can include covers, etc. Anyway, today I woke up rather early and decided to get another month from 2007 out of the way, so I began creating reviews. When I do this, I also double check what is on my blog against what I have in my calibre database just to make sure I’ve got the complete picture. 99% of the time they agree. It’s that bleeding 1% you have to worry about 😉

Sure enough, today was a 1%’er of a time. I was putting up the review for Down the Long Hills by Louis L’Amour and was copy/pasting my review and when I checked in calibre, my review there stated “no original review, here’s a blurb”. My guess is that I had a record of reading the book from my time at Devilreads but that the review got lost in the transition to Booklikes and when I tried to search my blog for Down the Long Hills, since it was in a monthly post and not it’s own, it didn’t show up. You wouldn’t believe how many books I’ve read, that are in my monthly posts, that won’t come up in a search. It is one of the reason I’m doing this. This time I was able to update my calibre library with an actual snippet. That is always a good thing.

All of this to pretty much say that today’s been a good day so far and it’s only 5am. It’s either going to turn out to be a great day or a really baaaaad day 😀

Happy Sabbath all.

52 thoughts on “Why I’m Working on the Blog

    1. Very true! Sometimes I’m just so humble that I forget about how incredibly talented, awesome and just generally all around Awesome I am.
      Thank you for reminding me. Friends like that are priceless…


                1. You know, you’d think they would include that kind of info on the can itself instead of making you ruin 3 perfectly good faxes. Sigh. Well, now I just have to find the usb on my new fax.

                  Personally, I’m getting fed up with all this high falootin’ tech. I’m thinking about going back to smoke signals and carrier pigeons.

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                    1. And yet I’m hating my Shakespeare reads. Hmmm, maybe I’m internally conflicted and need some professional psychiatric help. Know any good mind shredders? And Darth Fraggleus doesn’t count!

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                    2. I’d like to see some certified Mind Shredder credentials before I go spilling my secrets to you. Preferably from a Mind Shredder Approved University with all Mind Shredder certified teachers. None of this Internet Mind Shredder school stuff!

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                    3. Hmmm, when did it start? Let me think….

                      It was a dark and stormy night, last night. I had a bad dream about chicken and then I woke up and retroactively hated all my Shakespeare reads.

                      Dr, tell me, what does it mean? Is it fatal?!?!?


                    4. Wait, can I stop you at the Paul Clifford reference? Like, where that quote came from? You probably don’t realise it but it’s also the line that Snoopy used to start off his writings. Maybe Snoopy is more the kind of reading level you should be shooting for…

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  1. Gotta love your devotion to this, and the hard work you are putting into it. All I can say is job well done, and well as our fellow Master of Iron said: EVERY day is a good day when reading your posts😀

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  2. I never thought of using Calibre as a review managing tool. I only juggle eBooks with it and don’t have my physical library in it.
    Given my hang for short stories I wonder if and how it would sort them out – relations to several anthologies or to isfdb for example. I guess I‘ll rather use fulltext search at WP.

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    1. I keep a separate library for my reviews, so their not mixed in with my actual ebooks.

      On the mobileread forums there are some people who deal with fan-fiction stories, so lots of short stories. If you wanted to, you could probably get some tips from them. But it would take some effort, so you have to decide if it’s worth it or not.

      It is for me because I want an offline copy of my reviews 🙂


      1. Good idea, even if it’s not the same use case (fanfic don’t appear in multiple anthologies). I fear I don’t bring up the motivation to dig further into that. Maybe I‘ll program something myself which fits my needs.
        Do you know if there is a WP API which could be used programmatically instead of having a manual input?

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        1. re: wordpress api

          I have no idea. I know you can export your blog into some sort of xhtml file, but I don’t know what it looks like or anything. You could ask on the forums and someone might know.


  3. Goodreads eats reviews. There are books I know I’ve reviewed on there a few times but the review space is blank. It drives me mad and these are always the few books that I don’t have reviewed on my blog to do a quick copy and paste job! Why does it all have to be so complicated!!!

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    1. I’ve actually started wondering what my next “project” is going to be once I’m done catching up on all my old reviews. Thankfully, that is a couple of years away, but for some reason, time just seems to go faster these days 😉

      I think that the latest I ever slept in, without dealing with the night security job, was back in my bible school days. I think I managed noon time once? I’ve always been a morning person though and would be toast by 11pm….

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