Dombey and Son: I’ve read 28%

One of the things I still miss about Booklikes was their Update style of posts for the books you were reading. It was easy to add a bunch of info that looked good. I don’t do many “Currently Reading” posts because I haven’t found a good style that I like and that “fits” my sense of style. But this was just too much to hold inside and I needed to get it out.

I am currently reading Dombey and Son. One of the side characters, a Captain Cuttle, is trying to help one of the main characters, a young man named Walter who works for Mr Dombey. Captain Cuttle has the best of intentions but sadly, every time he opens his mouth he is making things worse. I am literally cringing as I read the current couple of paragraphs.

We all know people like that, I’m sure. Good hearted folk who really are trying to help others and everyone wishes they wouldn’t.
Ok, that is vented. Thanks for listening.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make a classy “Book Update” post, please, let me know. I’d love to have a template so I can do more of these when I end up with lots of feelz whilst reading a book. Here’s a prototype picture of what I’m hoping to use as the header for all my update/currently reading/quote posts:

38 thoughts on “Dombey and Son: I’ve read 28%

    1. I had the same reaction. I see the dude with malevolent evil in his face, posture, and out-stretched hands as the Stooge-Man. Haircut-Boy, groomed moustachioed, vest & tie wearing, astro-medallion swinging dude looks more like the office type who needs to effect a phallic sword as a means of compensation.

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  1. Wow…that picture looks very cool! 😀😀😀 Seriously cool! 😀😀As for your question, maybe this might sound weird, but well…this format kind of works already right? It’s almost like a teaser trailer for a movie. Just a little snippet of things to come…I for one liked it, and yes….I do know someone like the person you talk about. It’s both sad and annoying at the same time😅

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    1. It is a wicked cool picture, isn’t it? I had a good time finding it 😀

      So you find how this post is laid out is just fine? That’s the main thing I want to know. Because if I can find a better layout, I’d go with it.

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      1. It really is wickedly cool indeed! 😀😀
        As for your question: yes it is! I really liked the layout, but also the way it was set up. As I said it felt to me like a bit of a small teaser for a movie😊

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  2. The ability to write a reading update post is something I am also missing. In my GR groups I add reading updates throughout my thread, but I have yet to find a solution that I like for the WP blog.
    I really miss those updates because they often sparked conversation of the books my friends were reading, while it was going on, and those were often even better than the conversations following a review post. Probably because once a review is posted, a lot of people are done with the book and have moved on to the next.

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    1. I just miss the uniform format layout. When I saw “X” in the feed, I knew what I was getting into. Here on WP even if I try to be consistent, if I forget something, it’s going to be different. Sigh…

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        1. If they don’t appreciate it, we shoot them.

          Nah, hardly anyone wears suspenders now. I’m just doing it when I go to church. It stands out and makes me distinctive. Easy to remember “that guy with the suspenders” and everyone knows who they’re talking about even if they can’t remember a name.

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            1. My Legend is growing but not fully grown. It actually won’t be fully done til about 25 years after I’m dead. New Englander’s don’t do things quickly 😀
              And I’ve been working on My Legend since ’97! hahahahaaa.

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                1. Yeah, but at some point you’d have to read 28% of it. Then you could blog about it. With a wicked cool picture 😉

                  That title though, I think it needs some pizazz, some spice, something to really get the kids jiving. If I write that book, how about you make a movie of it?

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                    1. I can totally put in puff pieces to make the book a whole series. If Brandon Sanderson can write an Epic 10 Book Fantasy series that’s considered his Magnum Opus, then I’m sure I can write a lot of books about myself no problem.

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    1. Thank you 😀 It’s actually a book cover from some pulpy omnibus.

      I’ve been looking at some of the stuff you can do with a paid blog and man, it’s impressive. but still not worth the money.

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  3. Never thought of doing these kinds of posts and struggled to really have a habit of doing it through Goodreads’ progress update feature too. I’d have maybe said a post that gives us an idea of EVERYTHING going through your mind at the moment you want to UPDATE? You could even include general thoughts on life, what you’re up to, thoughts on all the other books, and where you’re at in them, and what you think of them so far? Then again, maybe it’s too much and this post could serve as the template for all others to come. 😀

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    1. Booklikes was a great site. It started in ’12 I think and really took off when Devilreads began censoring the user reviews. sadly, booklikes didn’t really capitalize on the influx and began a slow death spiral. I left in ’16 and the people I’ve kept in touch with have told me it has recently pretty much died.

      I’ll probably do some experimenting of my own too.


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