Construction Continues


If you’ve started following me in the last 6 months or so, and you get my posts by email, you might have noticed there are times you get a TON of emails. Short story, I’m working on Phase II of my Blog Construction plan.

Here’s the post I originally wrote in 2018 that goes into more detail than you really ever wanted to know. But it adequately explains what is going on and what to expect:

Bookstooge Under Construction

bookstooge (Custom)

28 thoughts on “Construction Continues

        1. Funny you should mention that. I just found this great site the other day:

          It has everything you’ll need to get inspired about life, love and the cycle of completeness as you take this ride we call life. VERY inspirational and uplifting.

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  1. Thanks! I read your original post, and it’s nice that I know now what to expect…I agree though with tendsecondsfromnow….we do have to have some ironing. I already confessed early this morning that I’m an ironing addict and need my fix every day. But well…also in search of professional help because clearly I need it😅😂😂

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