New Spring (The Wheel of Time #0) ★★★★★

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Title: New Spring
Series: The Wheel of Time #0
Author: Robert Jordan
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 336
Words: 122.5K


From & authored by Kyria d’Oreyn

Lan’s point of view

The Aiel War is over and Lan rides north to the Blight with Bukama. In Canluum, Kandor, they meet Ryne, an old friend. He informs them that Edeyn Arrel, Lan’s carneira, intends to raise the banner of the Golden Crane of Malkier. Together they ride to Chachin, noticing someone following them. It turns out to be a woman, (Moiraine), who claims the right of a woman alone, and gives them the name of Lady Alys. Bukama pledges to escort her to Chachin. Lan doubts that this woman is who she claims she is. He believes that Edeyn sent her.

Once in Chachin, their ways part and the three men ride on to the Aesdaishar Palace, where Lan is received by Brys, Prince-Consort to Queen Ethenielle of Kandor. A few days later, Lady Alys appears again and wants Lan to spy on Merean Redhill, an Aes Sedai staying at the Palace. When he and Moiraine/Alys uncover a plot of Merean’s that involves killing Brys, his son Diryk and Edeyn’s daughter, Iselle, they rush to save the three innocent victims. Lan confronts and defeats Ryne in a duel. The next day, he rides out of the city. Moiraine rides up to him and asks him to be her Warder.

Moiraine’s point of view

In their time as Accepted, Moiraine and Siuan are present when Gitara Moroso speaks her Foretelling of the Dragon’s rebirth. Later, Tamra Ospenya, the Amyrlin Seat, decides to give out a bounty of one hundred gold marks to every woman who bore a child in the camps around Tar Valon during the last week of the Aiel War. This is actually a plan to find out who the Dragon Reborn might be. At first, Moiraine and Siuan ride out with the other Accepted to record names for the bounty, but the following day they are instead told to re-copy some of the less legible lists. This gives them the opportunity to create their own list, of babies that meet the description of the soon-to-be-Dragon. Moiraine is told by Tamra to take a letter to Kerene Nagashi, asking her to appear before the Amyrlin. Other sisters receive letters as well, which leads the young women to think that Tamra wants to send out searchers for the boychild. One after the other, those sisters leave Tar Valon, and one morning Tamra is announced dead.

After she and Siuan are raised to Aes Sedai, Moiraine leaves Tar Valon to search for the boychild herself. In Canluum, she meets Merean and Cadsuane. Siuan is also there, having left the Tower to tell Moiraine that Tamra’s searchers are all dead, possibly killed by the Black Ajah. Moiraine avoids Cadsuane, and after leaving Canluum, she follows three riders (Lan, Bukama and Ryne), who she believes may be Darkfriends. She claims the right of a woman alone to have an excuse to ride with them. On the way, she looks for the women from the list of possible mothers of the Dragon Reborn, but none of them is who she is searching for.

In Chachin, she meets Siuan again. Siuan has located Ines Demain, the next mother on their list, in the Aesdaishar Palace. When Moiraine hears that Lan is also there, she immediately wants to go back to her rooms to avoid running into him, but on her way there she meets Merean again. No longer sure who she can and cannot trust, and who is and is not Black Ajah, she decides to go to Lan and ask him and Bukama to spy on Merean. Later, after Lan accuses Moiraine of attempting to have him killed, not knowing that Merean was the one behind the attempt, Moiraine becomes certain that Merean is a Black sister. They run to confront her. Merean kills Brys and Diryk before Moiraine kills her. Moiraine tries to save Iselle, but fails. The following day, she rides out after Lan to ask him to become her Warder.

My Thoughts:

(This so-called Kyria d’Oreyn has written over 1000 articles at and the above summary is the best he can do? Torval would totally kick his sorry little summary butt! I’m only complaining because I don’t have to write any of it, hahahahaha!)

This was pretty close to a perfect book and I shall articulate why that is fact (and if you disagree, Lightning from Above Strike your degenerative head!).

* claps hands *

Now pay close attention, class.

First off, there are only two point of views here. One from Lan and one from Moiraine. None of this silly 57 eleventy pov’s like there are in some of the books. While the cast of characters is just as large as in some of the other WoT books, Jordan does an admirable job of simply telling 2 tales and how they intersect. At under 400 pages, this is tight and to the point. Jordan could have taken some lessons from himself and this book. But since he’s dead, my advice will never be followed. Oh, the tragedies I endure as I serenely hand out blessed wisdom left and right like water to parched souls.

Second. Moiraine isn’t a bitch. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe how Jordan portrayed her anger and impatience without making her a horrible, terrible, no-good person that I wanted to strangle (all those DO apply to Nynaeve by the way). Moiraine isn’t perfect, but I simply didn’t want to wrap my hands around her throat and throttle her to death. She was actually FUN to read about, you know, like a main character should be?

Third, the story has a definitive beginning and a definitive end. While it was speculated when this was released that it would be a trilogy (and I’m pretty sure Jordan himself lent credence to such rumors), nothing ever came of it and Sanderson expressed zero interest in doing such a project after finishing up the mammoth ending trilogy. Which makes the fact that this can stand on it’s own feet a VERY good thing.

On a side note, when I re-read this back in ’11 I noted that it shouldn’t be read before Book 8 (Path of Daggers I believe). I’m torn whether that was the right place or if where I read it this time (just after Book 5, the Fires of Heaven) was better. Honestly, I saw no reason not to read it at this point. Since I don’t ever plan on re-re-re-reading this series, I guess that particular issue will simply have to remain one of life’s ineffable mysteries 😉


32 thoughts on “New Spring (The Wheel of Time #0) ★★★★★

    1. My brother recently started re-reading this series and he started with this and then went into the main series. While a re-read, it had been long enough that it was like a new series to him. And he had no problems actually reading this as book 1. So yes, it could be read as a standalone or as a test to see if you could handle Jordan.

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      1. I wouldn’t recommend this, as there are spoilers for the whole series in it. Also, there’s lots of name dropping in it, which is a feast for fans of the series but might annoy newcomers.
        I‘d rather recommend reading it in publication order (after Crossroads of Twilight) or after the whole series.
        To see if one likes the series I‘d recommend just reading the first book.

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        1. That’s the problem with reading something for the 3rd time, you loose track of what might be spoilery.

          Honestly though, I’m trying to think of what might be series spoiling in this book?


          1. Good question: I‘ve read the series last time 2013 or something and New Spring in 2017. in my review I just wrote that note and I trust myself that I knew it at the time of writing, haha 😆 But over the years things blurred and now I can’t figure it out anymore.

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            1. I hear you. My note to myself about waiting until after Path of Daggers from last time? I have no idea why, as this seemed to work just fine after book 5 and as I said earlier, my brother had no problems with it as the first book.

              I can tell you, I don’t plan on reading this series again…

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  1. Well, always nice to be in a class such as this, especially with such a good teacher. I have never ventured into the Wheel of Time series, but well it’s just one of those series that’s been gathering dust in my to read list for a long time (that and it’s a long one, and my time in The Horus Heresy saga is still one that is going to last well into the 31st millenium😊)

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    1. I was lucky enough to start WoT back in the 90’s soon after it started, so the size was never daunting, because I was just along for the ride. Of course, it also had the downsides of not knowing when it would end, and when Jordan died, IF it would end.

      You get the choice of starting, or not 😀

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          1. The Horus Heresy is ending. The main series has finished, and now there is a series of books called The Siege of Terra that will complete the (very long) tale. As much as I enjoyed (and still enjoy) the Horus Heresy,I tink it’s a good thing that the series is now drawing to a close (my wallet especially thinks that’s a very good thing😂).

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  2. I’d say something, but I don’t want to risk the lightning 😉 Jordan is definitely not my guy… one good thing I can say – this is far from the worst book in the cycle 🙂

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  3. Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed this so much! I read this in publication order when I did it (so after book 10), and felt like the main advantage of waiting was that it didn’t reveal or influence my feelings on character motivations too soon. If I ever did a re-read (not terribly likely, but you never know!), I think I’d want to read it first to refresh my memory on all the back story so I could enjoy seeing how it influences events throughout those earlier books.

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  4. I usually just stick to the release date of these things to know the order that any fan-from-the-start would’ve had to follow at that point. I didn’t even know about this book #0. Is it even out in a physical copy???

    “Moiraine isn’t a bitch.” might have been the coolest thug’ish sentence you ever spewed in a long time hahahah Is it your recent anime movie that turned you into a don’t-mess-with-me-gangsta???? Off to read that review now. 😛

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    1. When in doubt, the date is the way to go.

      As for my language, well, I’ve been really fed up with how the women act in the series. Moraine isn’t the worst, but she is old enough to know better and she just feeds the younger ones. So I was just thoroughly disgusted with the whole pack of women. So in this book where she just acts normal? It was refreshing but only by comparison.

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  5. Lol I didn’t like this one as much as you did (dodging lightning bolts), but I agree that Jordan should have taken some tips from this book for the others in the series. I think the reason why I didn’t like it as much is because I was hoping for something else (but I forgot what that was since I read this years ago).
    Lol on you hating on Nynaeve. She annoys me too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *KABOOM!!!!!!!!*

      Ha 🙂

      If Jordan had only written the rest of his books this tightly, I think the whole world would have been appreciative.

      Of course, Sanderson finishing things up with some ultra-massive tomes didn’t help at all, hahahahaa.

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    1. It could.

      I was thinking about the whole “spoil the series thing” and I think if you read this book first, it will take a lot of the tension out of the first book. One of the big questions is which of the 3 boys (Matt, Perrin or Rand) is the Dragon Reborn and this book will reveal that info. But not directly…

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