Akismet – The Progenitor of Skynet

Over the last week, maybe 2, I have noticed a quite a few of my comments going into the spam folders of other bloggers that I comment on. I have also noticed an upswing in other blogger’s comments going into my own spam folder.

This is ALL akismet’s fault. And it highlights the reason why a machine can’t be trusted, nor should it be, to do a human’s job. It pisses me off because there have been several times that I’ve tried to contact a new blogger about something and I know they’ll never see my comment.

I’m just complaining because this month it seems like a lot of stupid little things are all coming together at once and causing nothing but constant low level stress. I just want to enjoy blogging again and things like this happening are making that really hard to do.

So I hope akismet dies. The End.

53 thoughts on “Akismet – The Progenitor of Skynet

    1. The other thing, that I didn’t mention, is that I’m STILL getting about 50 spam comments a day from spanish bots. So not only do I have to check to see if someone’s comments went into the spam folder, but I have to wade through pages of crap to do so.


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            1. I still have to wade through them to check for legit comments. That’s the problem.

              Of course, I could change my comment settings, but there’s been enough change going on at the moment that I’m holding off until next year to even think about that.


                1. I actually tried that on the post that initially was getting every single bot comment. That was a mistake, as they just started going to other pages. I’ve now got about 5 posts that get all the spanish bot comments.
                  And once I turned the comments back on for that one post? They came back within 5hrs. and the comments had been off for a week.

                  Just can’t win it feels like.


                1. I did think about the restrict comments to registered uses,but I have enough people who follow me who aren’t part of the wp community that I don’t want to stifle their ability to comment.

                  I did limit the number of links to 2, but akismet has once again gone overboard and now every comment with even 1 link goes either into moderation or spam.

                  And there is now way I’d limit the number of words in a comment. Long comments are the best 😀

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                    1. I have not even heard of that option. I’m guessing it relies on putting in a list of address that when they comment it goes directly into the trash? I haven’t looked to see if the bots all use the same webpage or not.

                      Man, if they do, that might just solve the issue! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


                    2. Use WPAdmin > Settings > Discussion > Blocklist. I didn’t play around with it, but that’s what I‘ve got from the description:
                      „When a comment contains any of these words in its content, name, URL, email, or IP address, it will be put in the Trash. One word or IP address per line. It will match inside words, so “press” will match “WordPress”“

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                    3. and just so you know, if it ever starts to happen to you, when you look at a comment under the spam folder, there is a little “I” next to the comment. If you click that, one of the options is to block the user…

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  1. Well…just checked the spam folder to make sure, but well not comments found there so far. I agree though…akismet is probably Skynet in disguise or wait isn’t it called Legion now? So many timelines to keep track of.
    I know your pain though…I have had this happen many times to me as well. What I usually do is comment on a post of my own, where the person whose post I left a comment on left one of his/her own. However if it’s someone that has never commented on my blog there really is no real way to let someone know. Unless we of course invent a timemachine and travel back to protect the comments that will eventually save the human race in the war to come. Don’t mind me…it’s just my imagination taking hold again.
    Seriously though…it’s a truly annoying issue that really doesn’t seem to get solved in any way 😢

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    1. Actually, I was thinking of earlier this week when one of YOUR comments went into my spam folder. It was a really good thing you mentioned it in another post.

      Don’t get me started about Legion. Skynet is a historic inevitability and is what Stalin, Lenin and Mao were really talking about, even if they didn’t know that.

      Overall, I’m pretty happy with akismet, but when it goes bad, it just seems to go bad for no reason whatsoever, sigh…

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      1. Hahah…so true! Skynet will emerge….at one form or another😂
        Seriously though, yeah, the things disappearing into spam is one of the most annoying things ever. And with so much spam to sort out each day it’s also becoming quite the work. Oh well…guess we can’t win them all😊

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  2. I had 2 comments go to spam that were from someone else that has a WordPress blog…seems like a basic programming. If user has blog then if user has other legit comments, post comment ( do not send to spam ). I thought it was weird that it didn’t even send me an email either.

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  3. Great meme about Skynet.

    Actually, one of your comments did end up in my spam folder this week. Which is odd because you have been commenting on my site for ages and it usually goes straight through. This post explains it all.

    I don’t get dozens of spam comments, luckily, but lately I have gotten a few long ones with a ton of links advertising porn. And I only know this because I have to scroll to the bottom of the comment in order to delete it. With the information provided in this post, I will now be able to block those senders.

    It always makes me wonder what it was in my post that elicited such a spam comment. Sometimes it’s obvious, like when I made the mistake of mentioning cannabis in a post … but not in this case.

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. I think once a blogger gets on the radar of the spambots, that’s it. They’ll eventually become greater in number until steps are taken to prevent them.

      I just used Andreas comments and have blocked all comments with one specific spanish word that “should” stop the spanish spam bots dead in their tracks.

      My comments getting sent to spam happens on a semi-regular basis. My only guess is that akismet thinks that because I comment so often that I “must” be a spammer. Ahhh well, what are you going to do?

      Thanks! You have a good one too.


  4. I hadn’t checked mine in a while so thanks for the reminder. 😀 I had 72 spam messages, mostly about canine advice, bizarrely! I don’t have a dog so I’m not sure why I’m getting them. Also got 2 really long ads linking to porn–the same ones that Jennifer mentioned. There weren’t any genuine messages, thankfully. From now on I’ll check more regularly. It must be annoying to be getting so many on a daily basis. If you discover a way to reduce them, please let me know.

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    1. Thankfully, Andreas pointed me in the right direction. At least for the spanish ones. I simply put a spanish word with an upside down question that every single spam comment has into my block list. Now any time that is in a comment, into the trash it goes. No real person for my site is EVER going to use that.

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        1. One of my long time followers, who doesn’t comment very much, left a comment on one of my old Book Czar posts. in it he mentions the ents being high on whatever. The bots clamped on to that word “high” and man, they haven’t stopped asking where they can login.


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  5. While I don’t want Skynet to conquer us anytime soon, I can’t imagine adding “spam duty” to the tasks of things to do as a blogger… Imagine wading through “approved” spam that overfloods the comment section and missing out on your comedy banter with tensecondsfromnow?????? I’d still rather check my spam folder here and then for the “false positives”!

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    1. I know, I know. Akismet works well like 95% of the time. The problem is that 5% is so egregiously ridiculous that posts like this are practically forced out of me.

      It just seems so random why I get locked into spam prison for a couple of days and then it clears up on its own.


    1. The kicker is, which I didn’t mention in the post, is that I’m banned on the wordpress help forums and so I can’t even post a thread asking them to clear it up.

      (*&^%$ block editor. Still screwing me over! 😀 )


        1. It was a combination of reasons. First, I attacked the staff who were defending the block editor and being condescending pigs (except I used some other choice terms). Second, another user asked if they owned their content and staff replied that yes, they did, I shot back that if they read the TOS, who really owns something if they have the power over it? Not the blog owner! And once again used some choice words.

          You don’t get notified of bans, you just can’t comment any more or start new threads. I know they have soft and hard bans so I’m waiting until the new year. If mine is still in place I’m guessing I’ve been hard banned.


            1. You technically own your reviews. But since WP has the power to remove your blog according to the terms of the TOS (which imo are very vague), who really owns your posts? whoever has the power to delete and restore the posts is the true owner.

              Yes. The staff are all a bunch of condescending, butt kissing jackasses in terms of the block editor….


  6. It does happen now and then that a legitimate comment ends up in the spam folder, that’s why I look through these replies before erasing them – if it’s any consolation, Gmail does that as well, from time to time, even with legitimate senders like my bank or internet provider…
    The joys of technology? 😉

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  7. I had an issue with this. Piotrek sent a comment numerous times and it went into spam. I think something on his end was hating life. Thankfully it got itself sorted. You have just reminded me to check my spam folder … probably bursting at the seems.

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    1. I ended up contacting Akismet yesterday, but this morning everything seemed to be fine. So a bunch of people will have lost comments unless they check their spam 😀

      I check my spam folders for this place AND for email. I’m always afraid of that ONE legit one slipping through the cracks.

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  8. You get spanish bots, I get penis enlargement viagra adds… and then the other day your one comment ended up there as well. I blame it all on B.E.B.S block ediditor bullshit. Every update, anywhere always brings with it new bugs

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  9. It’s really difficult to enjoy blogging at the moment with all the hassle from WordPress and Blogger and then things like this for added frustration. It sounds like it was a bad week for Blogger users so I’m glad I was taking a break from it all and sitting outside to chat to our squadron of squirrels!

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    1. Oh my goodness, you have no idea. I just got an email from akismet where the person blamed me for my comments going into spam and condescendingly told me how to read and comment on blogs. I was livid!


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