The Most Dangerous Game (Short Story) ★★★★☆

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Title: The Most Dangerous Game
Series: ———-
Author: Richard Connell
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pages: 21
Words: 8K


Rainsford is a big game hunter on yacht heading to his next destination. He falls off the boat one night but manages to swim to a nearby island. He is introduced to General Zaroff, a former General to the Russian Czar now living in exile because of the Red Revolution. Zaroff claims to be a hunter from birth and founded his life’s purpose on the thrill of the hunt. Sadly, the hunt against animals paled and Zaroff didn’t know what to do. Until he began hunting men. Now he rescues shipwrecked sailors or kidnaps them and then lets them loose on his island to hunt at his leisure.

When Rainsford refuses to join, Zaroff decides to hunt him. Armed only with a knife,Rainsford must not only overcome Zaroff, but also his killer servant Ivan and the General’s trained pack of hunting dogs.

Rainsford turns the tables and kills Zaroff.

My Thoughts:

A couple of months ago, The Film Authority reviewed the 1932 movie The Most Dangerous Game. It sounded extremely familiar and it turned out it was based on a short story that I had read “some time, some where, some how”. The original title was The Hounds of Zaroff written in 1924.

This was a fascinating little story and sure does pack a wallop for a mere 21 pages. I read a gutenberg “illustrated” edition, which just threw in random pictures of objects being talked about in the text, so I suspect the real page count is closer to the teens.

There isn’t much to actually talk about. The twist is well known, very well used. Using humans as hunting prey has been around since, well, there has been enough leisure time for hunting culture to develop. Humanity gets bored easily enough and it’s creative enough and broken enough to do something like this. There was an Outer Limits episode where some humans use humanoid androids as hunting targets and the twist there was that the androids turned the tables. Just like Rainsford does to Zaroff here.

Even knowing the story, I recommend reading this if you want a little Action/Adventure to tide you over some afternoon.


40 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Game (Short Story) ★★★★☆

  1. This is some three dimensional chess right here; so I threatened to leave a Nope on your next blog, and you’re next blog is a warm tribute to mine? What kind of Jedi mind games is this? I can’t write ‘nope’ on this!? I can’t write comments about ironing techniques? Curses, foxed again….

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    1. Almost like I planned it this way
      *steeples fingers*

      And after yesterday when I couldn’t figure out the lock on a portapotty, I thought my criminal empire was done. This restores my faith in my evil self, mwuhahahaaa!

      But I always leave you the option of “Nope’ing” anytime 😉

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    1. I refer all movie questions to my partner in crime, 10seconds. I recently charged him 6K to be a movie master just so I don’t have to answer questions like this 😀

      I didn’t realize the adaptations had gone so far….

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  2. I remember reading this early in high school. I think it was a part of an anthology.

    I love the 1932 movie version of this story. Joel McCrae is a charismatic actor, Leslie Bamks is sinister, and we get a prelude to King Kong. Fay Wray running through the jungles and many of the shots in this are very similar to Kong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read it in highschool too.

      I checked out the king kong movie wiki and I think this came after? And they used a bunch of the same sets for that film. Whichever came first, I really enjoyed the McCrea movie 😀

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  3. I haven’t read this, but I have seen a movie based off of it: “Bloodlust!” (Okay, to be fair, I saw the MST3K version, but that counts.) I didn’t actually know it was a short story before, but it sounds like just about the same plot. The biggest difference is that the movie added girls for the bad guy to leer at.

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    1. Oh, a Mst3K movie! I love watching those 😀

      There have been a LOT of movies based on this premise. I saw one that was Rifftrax’d and it was a 90’s version that didn’t actually share anything with the story besides the hunted turned hunter. It was only enjoyable because of the guys riffing on it 😀


      1. We’ve been watching the MST3K Twitch channel lately. They stream shows 24-7, so it’s always something amusing.

        Yeah, there are multiple movies we’ve seen that were only enjoyable because of the guys riffing on them. We’ve seen MST, RiffTrax, and Cinematic Titanic, but have so far missed out on the Film Crew ones.

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                1. If amazon prime had more of their c-list movies, I’d scarf them right up. But I’m not paying 10bucks to listen to them chop up a movie like Karate Kid or REvenge of the Sith 😀


    1. And being a short story, you can breeze through it in a hr or less. Like I wrote, it took me longer to write the review than to read it 😀

      And read FilmAuthority’s review of the movie if you’re undecided 🙂

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  4. Wow this sounds so interesting. Now I want to read it. I strongly believe short stories have great potential. They are a specialised form of art in itself, where every word counts and the writer has so much to say, in only so much a space. Thanks for the lovely review. Look forward to more in the coming days.

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    1. Huh, for some reason akismet put your comment in my spam folder. Sometimes I wonder what is up with that bloody no good company.

      If you’re interested in it, it is a wicked short read 🙂 Won’t take much time at all.

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