A Book (un)Haul – The Manga Edition

Getting rid of both the Big O manga and the Oh My Goddess! manga.

Well, getting rid of 50+ volumes of manga, that frees up a lot of shelf space. Not quite enough to get rid of a shelf, but it’s a good start! I’m wondering if I should do a book giveaway of a bunch of my graphic novels? What do you think? That would free up a shelf right there.

57 thoughts on “A Book (un)Haul – The Manga Edition

            1. I took to the heat like a champ. Or I’m just getting older and liking it more 😀

              I’ve never actually seen that movie. After “A Walk to Remember” I wasn’t keen on watching any more early Keanu movies…

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                    1. Oh man, don’t you remember what happened LAST time you called for a manager? I got arrested for assault and you were perma-banned from my auto/movie/whatever shop. Nobody won.

                      So just pay up and make it easy on everybody involved, ie, me….

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                    2. Great, you won’t regret it! We honest men must stick together! In fact, for every thousand you send me, I’ll send you twice as much back. Why? Because I respect you! Looking forward to getting the cash…and hearing from you, obviously…

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    1. Right now, nothing. But eventually we’ll consolidate and get rid of some of the bigger bookshelves. We have a mix of half bookshelves (little 3 foot tall ones) and some 6 foot tall ones. Aiming to get rid of some of the bigger ones that we got for cheap used back in the day. Less shelves to move eventually…

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