11 thoughts on “9/11 – I Will Never Forget

  1. Was working in a newroom when we got alerted to footage of the first tower, and were standing looking at the skyline on tv when we saw the second plane hit. A terrible day, a human catastrophe, and something that should be remembered forever.

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  2. I was working and the guy who usually tells the most jokes on the floor and nobody takes very serious was the first one who told us this news. At first we didn’t believe it, but then we saw the nightmare. To date this is still completely unbelievable that this happened😢 I will never forget it, and we can only hope a tragedy such as this will never happen again😢

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  3. I was at work and got home just after the Towers fell. The footage was so shocking and I was worried about friends in NYC for a few hours as they couldn’t get a message out. I’ve watched some heartbreaking documentaries about it too.

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