August ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

Raw Data:

Books – 16

Pages – 3968

Words – 895.5K

Average Rating – 3.0 Stars

The Bad:

The Big O Manga: The Whole Series

The Good:

The Fires of Heaven – 5 Stars

The Screwtape Letters – 4.5 stars


Spriggan was a more successful foray into my anime collection. Next month will either be Place Promised in Our Early Days or Voices of a Distant Star. More anime, but of such a different tone from Spriggan that you might as well call John Wick the same as Casablanca because they’re both “movies”.

Miscellaneous Posts:

Didn’t write nearly as much as I thought I would.


While the title of my Vacation post might have led some to believe that there would be other King & Queen posts to follow, I was just too lazy. The vacation went as perfectly as I could have asked for. I didn’t blog or work on my blog or do anything, as much as I thought I would. I spent a lot of time simply sitting and doing nothing, barely thinking. I didn’t even realize I needed that until I found myself at my sister’s pool one day looking at the sky for about an hour without having thought a thing. Of course, I had to get back to reality once we got home, but that is the darkside of Vacations that we all know about but don’t discuss. Both of us survived the weather just fine, so a possible move in the future isn’t out of the question any more. Pretty much spent the rest of the month wishing we were back on vacation. Sad but true.

Took a short break from interacting online near the end of the month. Sensory overload was just too much. Thankfully, pizza and books helped me cope and Mrs B and I had some more good “connection” times. During that week I did a lot of work on the blog and got a lot of old reviews posted.

Plans for Next Month:

Tomorrow I plan to blog about how this month of using the block editor went. #Blockeditorsucks ! (hint, it isn’t good)

Read BETTER books! I can’t believe my average for this month was a paltry 3 stars. The blame is squarely all on Big O but that DNF for The Well at World’s End didn’t help either, sigh.

I feel kind of overdosed on manga, as Big O was just such a disappointment. As such, I’m going to start the Yotsuba&! series. I’m going to take a break from manga in September though and start it back up in October.

I’m going to try to bulk up my numbers in terms of books read, so be prepared for a few extra book reviews and a few less non-review posts. End of the year is fast approaching.

See you tomorrow.

49 thoughts on “August ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. My own vacation is just over (started working again today and wish I could go on vacation again lol). So back to reading posts in my lunchbreak and breaks, and after work I guess😊 Looking forward to the upcoming reviews! And sometimes it can be good to take a break from certain things, such as Manga in this case ( I can definitely understand that after the experience you had with the Big O😊) Hopefully you will find a good manga series again in the future😊

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                  1. No worries. Had this happen a few times to me. Even send messages to akismet and wordpress itself. Got solved quite a number of times, and really hasn’t happened in quite a while. But guess I spoke to soon lol😊 Either way, it’s saved so thank you😊

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                    1. Definitely…doing the same as well each day😊 Saved two comments this evening on my own blog as well😊 (That and I enjoy the crazyness that sometimes appears in the spamfolder lol😂).

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  2. This whole WordPress and Google change is such a pain! I’m seeing this on your page right now…
    You need access. Ask for access, or switch to an account with access. Learn more.
    Weird, especially when I can read the whole blog post anyway. Stupid computers!

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  3. at least it wasn’t 2.X? That’s not a good way to have to look at it. I didn’t write nearly as much as I’d planned on either, especially the non-review posts, and I had high hopes. I’m hoping Sept holds better for the both of us.

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  4. You kept up your blog pretty well considering you were on vacation and also taking a break. I know what you mean about coming back to reality. Those are the best vacations where you can just blank out and do nothing. Even some of my family vacations are too hectic sometimes, I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation when I get back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank goodness for scheduling! The problem is, between vacation and the social break, I read a bunch and have to schedule my reviews appropriately. My google calendar is starting to look full 😀

      I’m always afraid of needing a vacation from the vacation, so I was very happy this one wasn’t like that.


  5. Oh, your vacation sounds just perfect! So, would you consider moving south at some point?
    Btw, hope your books this month get better! Whenever I read bad books I get a slumpy feeling 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. This vacation was actually an exploratory time to see if I could handle the heat (Mrs B we knew could as she’s a Cali girl). Since I can, a move will probably be happening in the next several years. Nothing concrete yet, but it will happen.

      Thankfully, even with the string of bad books, I haven’t had the dreaded slump at all. I’m grateful.

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          1. I spent a short vacation on Florida once – very relaxing. But I’m not sure if I’d choose to live there, and I totally don’t know if there is any job market there, especially now 😉

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            1. Thankfully, GA seems to be in the middle of an economic boom. Buildings are going up like crazy and people are moving in and buying houses like hotcakes. That’s a surveyor’s dream. We’ll see if it lasts though. Which is why we’re not rushing into anything.

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  6. 16 books is quite a tally man, sorry that it was not great books though. I try to keep my manga to a few books evety so often, seeing as I am so out of sync with what is cool and seen as classics it gives me so much time to not worry about getting up to date.

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    1. I was really surprised with how many books I had. I think vacation, manga and the break I took from being social last week made a huge difference.

      As for manga, I’ve got a large’ish collection, so I’m trying to read stuff now to see if I actually want to keep it or to send it off. Some of the stuff I’m keeping is just because of the artwork and not necessarily the story.

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      1. I am doing the same with physical books I own, after reading them I either put them away in a cupboard of books we will donate at some point or they go back on the shelf. No need for keeping books I am no longer interested in or that holds no nostalgic value to me anymore..

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  7. I’m really glad that you took those breaks throughout the month. I felt like I needed to disconnect here and there too, especially considering that a real huge “vacation” was impossible because of the pandemic. Curious about Yotsuba though. I’ve heard of that one throughout my adolescence but never checked it out. It looks and sounds adorable. That should force you to change any of your Bookstooge moods. 😛

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