#6Degrees — How to Do Nothing to …..


This month we are starting with the book How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell.

Far from the simple anti-technology screed, or the back-to-nature meditation we read so often, How to do Nothing is an action plan for thinking outside of capitalist narratives of efficiency and techno-determinism. Provocative, timely, and utterly persuasive, this book will change how you see your place in our world.

You know what I “resist”? Idiots like this author. And I probably have as much impact as her.

Our Founding Fathers weren’t idiots, thank goodness! A robust Faith in God and a literal interpretation of the Bible saw to that.

This cover has the American Flag on it, very patriotic. When I think Patriot, one book immediately springs to mind.

Patriot Games by Tom Clancy. What a fantastic book! American Machismo defeating the filthy terrorists and destroying them. The determination to Protect versus the implacable hatred of anything “other”.

Sadly, America doesn’t always win against the terrorists.

Night Fall ends with 9/11 happening. I read this in ’13 and it was still too raw for me to handle. Even now, today, I wonder I’d react any differently.

There is a song called “Night and Day”. However, in Bookstoogelandia, there is only Night and Night!

The Night Gift by McKillip is unlike any of her other stuff that I’d read. It boggled my mind that this was the same author who wrote such wonders as The Tower at Stony Wood.

The only thing that boggles my mind more is the following book!

How the same author could write the Codex Alera AND the Dresden Files is beyond me. Storm Front was my introduction to Mr Whiny Pants Baby Puke. What REALLY boggles my mind is that I kept on trying to like this loser for 11(!!!!!!!!) books. I blame my parents and a corrupt justice system. Obviously, I’m the victim here. I demand recompense for all that wasted time. I obviously don’t like Dresden.

I do seem to go against the grain though. Ruins of Ambrai has a 4.01 average rating on Devilreads. I gave it a 1 star. I had the last laugh though, as Rawn seems to have abandoned the series. She was the original Martin! hehehehee. She could truly teach us all a lot about How to Do Nothing. Thus the Circle of Life is complete.

I love when these make little circles like that! Anywhooo, that is how you go from How to Do Nothing to The Ruins of Ambrai and Back Again.

If you’d like to participate in the #6degrees series of posts, head over to #6Degrees Meme to find out the starting point for each month. They’re not always punctual, so sometimes you have to wait until a week into the month.

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20 thoughts on “#6Degrees — How to Do Nothing to …..

      1. Due to his Christian foundation of America political doctrine. He and everyone who propagates this political belief misled, ignore, or downright lie about the founding and the founders in their books.

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    1. Go for it, man! I really hope you end up liking him. For me, I realize it isn’t anything personal, I just dislike the character and love to hate on him 😀
      love, Love, LOVE to hate on him 😀 😀 😀

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  1. Mr Whiny Pants Baby Puke *giggles* I must admit I was a bit disappointed with that first Dresden book and I never read the rest of the series. I need a first book to be more than ok for me to read on and it just didn’t do that for me!

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