Taking an Online Break

These last couple of days have made me realize that I’m getting worded out. Both in writing my own posts and reading others posts. Plus, the damned wordpress jackasses forcing the block editor on everyone, yet again, makes me pissed off. Even though I’m using the block editor, they need to stop forcing it down everyone’s throat. The forum is filled, again, with angry users wondering why this is happening.

So I’m going to be taking a short social internet break. I’ve got scheduled posts but I won’t be responding to any comments until I come back and I won’t be reading anyone’s posts.

See you next Wednesday.

23 thoughts on “Taking an Online Break

  1. I have some good news regarding block editor. Actually wanted to make a post about it yesterday, but I had to work. I got an email stating that you can go to admin and disable it and keep on using classic. Or there is a classic block in the block editor that seems to sort everything out for you. Havent been active online either. Enjoy your break. I at least have time till wednessday to be all caught up with the backlog of posts i missed

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  2. It’s okay, sometimes that happens, and you simply need a break from it all. I’ve been there myself once, almost ready to quit blogging completely. In the end blogging is something that’s supposed to be fun. So really take all the time you need! 😊

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  3. I’ve been taking an unwanted break but I’ve been too busy to comment. Plus I have everyone’s blog’s on my blogroll on my old Blogger site and since Blogger did their big update, I either can’t get it to load or it takes FOREVER! It’s so frustrating. So that’s a partial reason for my silence.

    I do hope you return revived and refreshed!

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  4. I hope you’re enjoying your break 🙂 I had one also, being on vacation with only a smartphone it wasn’t convenient to write or comment, but I did read some posts from my favourite blogs whenever Wi-Fi was available… I’ll try to write a short vacation post early next week, the weekend is going to be busy.

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