Big O, Vol. 3 ★★☆☆½

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Title: Big O, Vol. 3
Series: Big O #3
Author: Hitoshi Ariga
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 200
Words: 7K


Beck is broken out of prison by Angel and given his own megadeus, the Super Beck. He disguises it as another Big O and goes on a rampage. He’s determined to reveal that Roger Smith is the operator of Big O. Roger, with help from his butler Norman and Dorothy, take down the Super Beck without revealing Roger’s secret.

Dorothy has an encounter with an artist, who falls in love with her. He is leaving in a condemned building however and almost dies when it is destroyed. Dorothy saves him and the artist ends up in a hospital, where he becomes infatuated with a nurse. Dorothy learns a valuable lesson about male artists.

Some bio-weapon beast that eats metal is released in the city and only the Big O can stop it. It does.

Roger, Beck and Angel all separately come upon an older geezer living outside the dome who has access to genuine alcohal and tobacco and a huge stash of memories. Angel brings in troops from the Paradigm Company, Beck shoots his way out and Roger drunk drives the Big O and ends up burning the whole place down.

My Thoughts:

Once again there was ONE scene where Beck is bathing and it shows a woman with him and it is an R rated picture, so I dinged a half star. It made me mad, because now I know I can’t give this manga to any young person. What a way to waste an entire volume. Way to go, manga-ka.

The stories are pretty boring, Beck is still a 2bit loser villain and yet he still is the main badguy. Roger pretty much just punches him in the face with Big O every encounter and wins. That really isn’t good story telling. My memories of this being mediocre at best are definitely being justified.

Which has led me to adding the “Mediocre” tag to this review and the rest of the series most likely.


9 thoughts on “Big O, Vol. 3 ★★☆☆½

    1. When someone says “It was good except for ONE thing….” that means it wasn’t good 😦

      Just don’t understand the reasoning behind including stuff like this. This series isn’t an ecchi series, so why bother dipping a pinky toe into that pond?

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  1. You can’t get away from authors and tv writers shoving sex into everything for the sake of it. Fans of things like Jane Austin, Agatha Christie and so on complain that new tv versions in the UK are being sexed up or have f-bombs or other adult content never in the books.

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  2. Everyone likely still believes in the Mantra that sex sells. I’ve grown a bit tired of that even in metal music videos these days, saddens me. You have a hard hitting number and choose to depict a lolipop sucking plastic bimbo trying to look evil yet misses the mark by miles… sorry this series has turned out the way it has

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